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March 08, 2014



Hi Laurie, not sure if you made it to the red sign estate sale over in beaverton but they had a TON of craft supplies. I thought of you while walking through! If you have time tomorrow, you will want to go-lots of googly eyes, some bunny heads, a santa head for your outside display (it is in the garage on the back wall), and other craft supplies. Sunday is 50% off, so might be worth the drive?


First-I love your new header and background!!! The fonts + the bird + the gingham=perfection!!!

Next-I look for hotel glasses to use in my bathrooms so I would have been thrilled to find the Best Western cups, plastic or not. Let me know if you want to sell any of them!

Last-you totally rock the rain bonnet. Go for it, start a new trend! Between your rain bonnets and swim caps your hair can be protected from dampness at all times!

Musings from Kim K.

I've got my family trained about your blog. My sister emailed me first thing this morning to say I had better check out your latest haul. You really did hit the motherload of holiday treasures. I love your checked metal picnic basket too. I'll be showing this post to the hubby this morning.

PS. Love the pink checked background on your blog. Such a pretty spring makeover!


Great haul-- especially the Christmas! What mom or grandma didn't have a rain bonnet or two in her purse back in the day?? Cute chimes too-- a friend of mine had a newer version of that, but said she usually forgot to change the tune for the appropriate occasion. Kidding her, I said, "Wait-- go out and come back in again!" She replied, "Oh, I've done that."


Brian's grandma still rocks the rain bonnet. You should definitely start a new trend! We live in the right climate for it, that's for sure.

Great holiday haul! Love the picnic tin and the flower Gurley candles. Never seen those before.

Have a great Sunday and try to stay dry. It's pretty rainy down here too and also SUPER windy.



I love your new look on here! Right off the bat I noticed the pic of your grandmother and her styling hair :-)Nice colors too.
My mom wore those bonnets all the time since she had to protect her beehive hairdo LOL. I was smiling at your pic when I scrolled down and my eyes popped open!! What a great haul....all that fun Christmas stuff and the picnic tin too? Love those Santa inflatables too.
It's dreary looking and pouring down rain right now down this this way. Your blog cheered me up though :-)
Have a great day!


Your blog looks great. So fun to change things up a little. Those chimes are too cool. I can't believe all the songs available. I remember wearing those rain bonnets. You look adorable in yours..... :>) In their time they really were handy. Another good haul!


Wow, you did great! I have never, ever seen pink and gray poker chips and know you will put those to good use. Was this the Eastmorland sale? I didn't try to go to any sales at all but still got in a junk fix. I should have the new glasses before next weekend. Can't wait!

vintage grey

Great finds!! I love your rain cap!! I need to find one! Love those minty flowers and blue lamb!! xo Heather


I agree - your blog looks great! The pictures are so big and the header is lovely!

Thank you for picking me up off the ground yesterday. That picture in the back of your car was awesome. I could see so many goodies spying out at me! You certainly do have the Magic Ethel touch. I love the door chime - I've never seen anything like that before. Too bad it doesn't play "Happy Days are Here again" to go with your catch phrase, Happy Day.


Love your new look too (er, the blog AND the rain cap ;) )

Great finds; love the Rudolph deer! I have two of those white ones!

Into Vintage

Love your new look here! (on the blog, not the plastic one on your head although if anyone can pull off a plastic raincap, I would think it would be you).

Melissa's Antiques

What amazing finds! Loving all the Christmas!

Shelley Germann

Another amazing haul! Who knew pink and gray poker chips?

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