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March 09, 2014



It's a good job you put that newspaper and coffee down - such fun finds!!


SO so LOVE that Santa head!! Best find ever! Tell Katy she can be my new best friend (if only she lived in OHIO~guess she remains your bestest today) ;-)
Sometimes in my travels I will see something & think "bet Laurie could do something with that"
wish you were close enough to call!


Great finds as always - it was worth the trip! I see 'Souffle Cups' - I always thought those were nut cups. I can't imagine such a wee little souffle. You found those bunny heads at just the right time of year - you will make some darling things, I know.

*BUY COLORED GOOGLY EYES is forever in my mind now, thank you.

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. You barely posted your last haul and another one comes your way. This estate sale was made for YOU! Weren't we just having a conversation about colored googly eyes? Those bunny heads have your name written all over them. Glad to know another Santa head has a lovely new home. Congrats!


Oh those bunny heads! I'm smitten!!


We'll be moving to your neck of the woods the week of the 24th! Can't wait to check out some of these fantastic estate and yard sales you've shown on your blog!


HOW?!!! OK. Come clean. You're just going through your own basement and pretending there was actually an estate sale like this aren't you?!!


Are you kidding me????? 50% off too?
I can't believe all that stuff was still there!!
That's funny about the googly eyes LOL!!
I put a pair of new eyes on my duck today....He looks good as new now thanks to you :-)
I think Phil's getting tired of me dragging him over to look at your posts of goodies.
I'm glad you went and was able to get the Santa and bunny heads (they were waiting for you)
I'm going to be dreaming estate sales now ;-)


That does it, I'm moving to Portland! Sheesh, what a haul! What boggles the mind is how not one person at that estate sale wanted that awesome Santa head.........really?!


Oh.My.Gosh. What a score on a Sunday! You just never know.


Don't you just love that, when you're resigned to a boring old Sunday and a friend gives you a great tip? Shara has done that for me more than once! Love everything you got, even more since it was half price. So much fun!


I saw all those googly eyes and KNEW you'd love those too. The best parts was that someone was about to buy the bunny heads and put them back, so I knew they'd be there for Laurie on Sunday. :) And when I saw that Santa head. it was meant to be!

It seems my karma is the ability to find things for others at estate sales-I need to find a way to turn it into a living.. Concierge estate sale shopping perhaps? :)

Into Vintage

I am thrilled for you and cringing at the same time. I left my house this morning (only to get gas in my car) with serious bedhead and an outfit that would compel any normal person NOT TO GET OUT OF THEIR CAR but I saw the signs for this same estate sale and kept my fingers crossed I wouldn't see anyone I know as I pulled over to check it out. (it was bad enough I was willing to inflict my disheveled appearance on strangers)

We must have just missed each other. Phew! Sadly I also just missed all your amazing finds. :-)

Mitzi Curi

Wow, what a great score! Bunny heads, right before Easter....

Sheryl Remy

Wow, I have to say it again. Wow. The screen, the Santa head and all those things to craft with. It's great to have friends who think of you. None of my friends are into vintage or sales for that matter. Wish I had a co-conspirator here in Wisconsin. Good for you.


It was meant to be... when I saw that comment, I was wondering if you'd make it over. How kind of her to let you know!


Isn't it wonderful to have friends who tip you off to goodies!! That is a super great Santa head. Love the bunny heads. You really got a great amount of coolness at that sale!!!!


Wow! I'm impressed as usual. Love old wrapping paper!


A friend that tells you about a sale meant just for you is the best kind of friend to have in my book!



Yeah for you! Looks like treasures to me!

Shelley Germann

The bunny heads alone were worth the trip. Those are adorable!


I have a few small packs of vintage colored googly eyes that I do not want. Would you like me to send them to you?

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