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March 06, 2014



This is the one holiday that I have ZERO decorations for so I think I will just pretend that this is my blog post. Love those pipe planters!



Looking at your seasonal decorations make me feel like I'm looking at pics of Wonderland!!
Your Land of Leprechauns is too cute :-)
I'm sure the pot of gold will lead to your house!! That's probably where the rainbow goes to when I see it in the sky down here LOL! I have a little larger collection of St.Patty's now thanks to you and I seem to find one here and there during the year.
Thanks for the smiles :-)
Have a great day!
Any good sales going on?


Oh Laurie! You have such a wonderful collection, so charming! Makes me smile. & I am green with envy :)

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Musings from Kim K.

Leave it to you to have such a vast collection of leprechaun cardboard cut-outs for this holiday. I've NEVER EVER seen St. Patty's day pipes vases either. I'm doing a little jig over your decorations. What fabulous fun!

Patti McCarthy

AGAIN, loving the St. Patty's day decorations - I have found a few really neat things lately - an embroidered tablecloth and apron and an embroidered pillowcase with shamrocks...love that! Did you get the box I sent you - I am starting another for later - I already have a barrette with a scottie dog on it for you! Just cannot leave things in the thrift if I think someone can use them! Great post!


By gosh and begorrah Laurie! Tis a lovely group o'green beauties to be sure.

Does ye have a wee titch of Irish blood?

Me, I'm half Irish... so Irish Stew is a must on St Patty's Day!


I love the whole Irish VIBE, love your decor!


I made my very first ever St. Patrick's display today. I've never gotten into the holiday, but I found a nice bag full of vintage leprechauns, spun cotton pipes and shamrocks at a yard sale, so I decided to go for it. I used a big roll of green tickets in my display too. I love all of your things too!

Sheryl Remy

I have never seen a display of St Patrick's Day items before. Some people have an item or two but you found the pot of gold. Wonderful.

shirley hatfield

I wish my neighbor could see your decor...she decorates more for St.Pats than anyone around. I don't think she does Easter...or at least not as much! Love those pipe vase thingies!


If items are few and far between in estate sale land then you have obviously been to MANY sales. I love the little pipe cleaner guys. I notice a four leaf clover planter (I think) in the background of one pic. Do you know who made it? Just curious. Great collection!!


Wow, love it all! I agree, it's a hard holiday to find vintage decor for, but I do have a few things - like a couple of cardboard shamrocks marked with the price 2/1c on the back. With such pricing, I'd guess they've been around awhile.

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