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March 14, 2014



You need to write a book on organizing or something. Love your tips and ideas! A understanding husband always helps too. I have stuff stored in our closet and under our bed in storage bins on Phil's side too. Love the vintage suitcases to store stuff. I've been hoarding those lately. SIGH....It's even fun looking at your stuff in storage LOL.
Nice sneak peek of your Easter stuff too :-)

Musings from Kim K.

Fascinating tour. My husband will be joining me with his morning cup of coffee to look at your post too. We've had to get creative storing our holiday decorations (specifically Halloween). I dream of big storage units in our back woods. It's not happening, but it would be nice.

PS. Your Easter chicks arrived yesterday. I have big plans for them. I'm glad they were still available.


You have to be organized! Brian had a shed built a few years ago and one side of it is dedicated to my holiday decorations and the other side is camping stuff. Well the other day he said "it looks like my camping stuff is going to have to be moved out to the shop". I didn't even have to ask!

I'm excited to get out my Easter stuff. I'm thinking Spring Break, then Maddie can help. Still trying to figure out what to do with my part of the bunny crib. A certain enabler I know talked me into it :-)

Hanna is in town this weekend and we are headed to the Portland Flea tomorrow. Do you ever go?



Hmmmm.....it appears that I am not the only one pushing you to do a book. :o)


I have my stuff all stored in a small bedroom upstairs.. bins and bins and bins! no one else knows what is what.. but I do!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little pink bunny in the last picture you posted. so cute!
have a great day


Kudos to your creativity in making room for everything. My house was built in the same time period but it is much smaller and I learned years ago that I have to put every inch to use to make it work. Well done!

Su Gardner

You are so amazing, I think the book idea is super. I would like to know how you organize your time; you accomplish so much and I could use some good, helpful ideas. I retired a year ago and I can't seem to pull the 'I have all day' thing together and make it work.


Well~ what a terrific idea for this post (haha)
I so enjoyed seeing your organization!! Might even dream about it tonight as a digger sale where everything is a quarter! Had my husband look at this post and he said "Good God!!!! Thats awesome!!" (he is a junker too)


Clear bins are a key! I am gradually trying to shift over to them so I can tell what is where. You are really good at using every little space you have. Good job.


It's a good thing you are so organized... I can't imagine trying to find something if you weren't.

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