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April 10, 2014



Fun Fun Fun!! I want everything in that eastery picture... yes please I do!
happy day!

Melissa's Antiques

What a fun show!


Eeeeeeeek! I CAN'T WAIT!! Hanna & I plan on doing the whole junking our way there and back like you girls did.

Excited to see what you found. On a side note, I noticed that there is some sort of huge garage sale thing going on at the Expo the weekend of Plucky. Do you know anything about it?

Have fun at JB!!


Musings from Kim K.

I'm not surprised you were recognized. You are super duper famous. What fun! Looks like a great time. I can't wait to have warm enough weather to enjoy outdoor flea markets again! Keep the posts coming.


That looks like the most awesomest fun day ever. Fabulous Amy and amazing stuff - what more could you ask for? A little disappointed that you didn't bring home the polka dotted umbrella, since that would have given you three, and another collection challenge.

Sheryl Remy

Love the bouquets and the easter decor. How do you budget for this show or any big show? Any thoughts about average amount to take with? Do vendors only take cash?

Maria (Magia Mia)


Is there anything better than the early morning coffee rush with the anticipation of treasure hunting? I.Think.Not!


Can you believe we lived by the "City by the Bay" and we never went there? Looking at SF in the background made me miss that place! I can feel a road trip coming on soon!!
What a gorgeous day for you two to be walking around that place. The anticipation of waiting to see what you hauled home with you is driving me nuts! LOL
Especially since you said you scored some Easter there. I'm drooling just looking at the pic of all the Easter stuff. I would say you're very recognizable with that head of curls. Isn't that fun that there were vendors looking for you?
Sigh.....Thanks for thinking of us followers while you're gone. You are too kind to keep up on your posts while you're gone having more fun!


can't wait to see what you found! seven hours of shopping sounds like heaven! the only time i get to do that is with the world's longest yard sale in july but its usually so HOT it isn't as fun!


Looks like a great time!! We went to our first flea market of the season today. Nothing spectacular though! Wish I could go to the worlds longest yard sale. I will get there one day! Can't wait to see your finds!



Oh what fun! I remember 'spying' you in Seaside one year! We go every year and had just left the 'Pig'n'Pancake' when I looked across the street up a bit and recognized your wonderful head of hair!!!! I was too shy to introduce myself but in the future I will for sure!!!!!!!
Thank you for posting your adventures.......so much fun!


I took a photo of the fuel can too! And I loved the swim booth--the swim caps made me think of one of your challenges on here :)

I loved all the vintage men's swimsuits in that booth. He/she must be a newish vendor--I had never seen them there before.


Oh, what FUN!! Can't wait to see what made the A list for the trip home. What are those big balls in the third picture?

Into Vintage

I think we should go back next month and get that polka dot umbrella!

Chris McKinley

Looks like a great day!! Good weather and good shopping! I love the umbrella, it matches my chaise lounge!! Do you remember what they were asking for it?


I'm junk drunk just looking at the pictures!! I would be so out of control at that show!! So interesting looking at things I've never seen before. (and hard looking at things I sure woulda bought if there) Our big show is coming up May 16 Springfield, Ohio.....
Wonder if you could drive from Kansas to Ohio-could you be here by mid May?? Wonder how long it takes to drive from Ohio to Oregon? Nevermind-I'm just junk drunk ;-D


How fun-- 7 hours?! WOW! Nice weather is sure a plus.

Judy D.

Looks like SO. MUCH. FUN. I'm hoping to get to the Faire in June. As a first-timer, I am very excited! What were the prices like? Reasonable or not? What did you buy?


Every once in a while I will get recognized from the blog. I still find it amazing and awkward too. Always fun to meet someone from the blogworld. Maybe our paths will cross someday! In a filled full of JUNK!


Alameda Faire is on my bucket list now!!! Thanks for letting us shop with you for awhile!

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