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April 08, 2014



What a fun collection that is! You are so clever in thinking of ways to showcase your finds in the best ways!! I've never even seen any of those little trees around. I'll have to keep a lookout for one now. I love those little gummy candies that look like flowers too. I thought those were little cookies at first. Very festive looking that's for sure.

I thought I read somewhere on your blog you were hoping to hit 150 or something like that? LOL :-)

Judy Ainsworth

Great Post! I Love it. Gumdrops are kind of out dated,with all the various"Gummies"and"Sour Patches"
But I Love them!and on the trees? Adorable! Do You Remember the big ones? The first"solid"food my Mom would give after a bout of stomach flu,was a couple of the big sugar coated,delicious,Gumdrops!
-Judy A-


I came across a big pile of new ones at a sale not too long ago and I didn't buy them because they were new. now I realize that they looked exactly like the old ones. Not a lot of new innovations in the gumdrop tree world, I suppose. I saw a photo in a cookbook the other day of chunks of cheese and cocktail wieners stuck on one - so, so, SO not as cute as gumpdrops.

Excited to hear about your trip - looks like you had good junk in your trunk! :)

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

They look cute clustered together. I always have a gumdrop tree out at Christmas time.


Fun! Now, did you have all those gum drops around, or did you buy them for the shot? LOL!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm curious like April. Did you buy those gumdrops just for your photoshoot? You are definitely very clever in thinking of new ways to showcase your amazing collections. I especially love those flowered shaped gum drops.

laurie magpie ethel

I did buy a couple of bags of gumdrops for this post as well as a bag of flowered gummies. The gumdrops were $1 a bag so I did not break the bank on this post. I would never have gumdrops sitting around like that since I really like them. I had great willpower and only consumed a few while taking photos...phew!


Those trees are so neat!! Love the gumdrops on them!! Such a fun find!! :) xo Holly


CUTE!! Another thing that I have never found but if I do, I'm sending it your way! A forest can always use another tree, right?

Can't wait to hear about Alameda. I was just telling Amy that I am going to have to pick your guys' brains about good stops to make when Hanna and I go in August.



You have collections of things that I didn't even know existed! I'll bet some of the things you find at Alameda will wind up in a "Collection Challenge" post one day. Can't wait to hear about it!

Into Vintage

I think Dots would work well on these trees too. ;-)
Is it just me or does this seem like an odd (yet very cute) way to serve candy?

Into Vintage

P.S. Congrats on Collection #200!! You never cease to amaze.

janet johnson

Congrats on #200! Did you ever think it would go this far when you started with the little terriers?


Other than here, I have never heard of, nevermind seen these trees before. That is a lot of gumdrops! I fear I would have gobbled more than a few during the photoshoot - you have more control than I. Congratulations on # 200 - it is always such a fun time visiting over here!


I missed this one and loved seeing your forest of treats! You find the BEST stuff!!

Anita T.

Very, very fun post. I enjoy all your posts but this one spoke to me. I have two such plastic trees -- one belonged to my late mother -- and now I will try to collect a few more. Small grandchildren love to put gumdrops on them at Christmas and Easter.
Thanks for the time you spend creating your posts. They are better than any magazine on the market today.

Christine Esing

Oh my goodness, I have never seen the treat/ bonbon trees. They are adorable. Had a gun drop tree since I was a kid. Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

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