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April 22, 2014


Linda @ A La Carte

Fun collection!


I love that Tiny Tawker - such cute photos! I have an August 1966 calendar that hangs over my desk.

My Dad told me that he bought some calendars for me at a yard sale. He brought them over on Sunday and they are these huge giant calendars from a Bank - like five feet tall. I'll have to blog them.

Musings from Kim K.

You really do have quite the neat collection. That teeny tiny calendar is adorable. Love the Scottie dogs too. Glad you rescue it off the basement wall. Love the vintage crafting ideas on the backside of the tiny tawker! What fun!


Of course, I am not surprised, no not one bit that you would have a collection of calanders! LOL! Is there anything you dont collect?
I love that tiny little one and the pinkeep one.
have a great day Laurie


I remember going to an estate sale once where there was a collection of vintage calendars. I don't remember exactly how much they were, but I do know that they were too much so I left them behind. They had them in a locked display case so that should give you an idea. Maybe they were made of gold?

The only other calendars I see at estate sales feature naked women on muscle cars. Not exactly the type of collection I'd like to start...

:-) Erica


Those are really fun! Love the tiny one, and that pincushion-- never saw anything like it before.


This is a sweet collection. I think they are all adorable. The gnome is so cute and the lessons are darling, promoting good health and character! The pin cushion one is extraordinary.
Do you hang these somewhere or are they stashed away?


Wow...you have an extensive collection. The pincushion remember calendar has to be the best, but the Tiny Tawker is a close second!

Into Vintage

Somehow that nifty Alameda calendar doesn't feel like a good fit with the rest of them to me. I can pick it up and dispose of it for you because I'm a helper. ;-)


Great collection! I have never seen that Tiny Tawker artist before - wow, his work is wonderful! What a different time it was in the 50's eh? I see my sister's birthdate on that 1956 calendar - January 7th, 1956!

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