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April 18, 2014



Off the plane and hitting a sale afterwards and still finding those things? Ok.....I think you are "Master Magpie Ethel" or would it be "Queen Magpie EThel"? That's still a good haul for it being the last part and 50% off sale!! Love the bathroom items and can't wait to see what project you're going to do with those and the toilet paper :-)
Have a great weekend!

Musings from Kim K.

No time for jet lag! There are sales to get too! 50% off! Good for you!!


Wow, you are a master of finds!! I thought I would tell you I believe those snowflakes glow in the dark. I have some similar stars in blue and yellow and they do. Love your site. Best wishes

Bette Williams

Thanks for sharing but I won't be making the Red lentil loaf.


Catching up-- fun trip and fun at home too. Lucky you! TP from the 40s? Amazing! Those recipes looks fun. So back then you still had to make a cake on a busy day, huh? My mother had curlers like that with pink plastic pins to keep them in place.


Now, that is dedication! I have a collection of old Nozema and Vicks bottles in my bathroom up by the light. I dug them up from an old home sight by our house when I was growing up. I love that old cobalt blue color. Looking forward to your project! *I have a "Prophylactic" toothbrush new in the box. I can see why no one ever used it!

rosie lange

I love the "Glitter Girl" label! I wish that was my nick-name. :)


I am so glad you got into the fun and remember looking at a few of those things. Bravo to your junking tenacity!!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh girl, you got it bad, when you just got back from Bonanza and head straight for an estate sale!

Call me crazy, but I'm always attracted to old bathroom products. I think it's the packaging graphics I just can't resist. I've got 2 full big boxes of old Bobby pins that I just had to bring home for the packaging. :)


Ha ha, made me laugh that you went straight from the plane to an estate sale. True diehard! Wow, you found great stuff for the last day! Cant even imagine what you missed!

linda clark

Laurie, Please let me know if you decide to list the M & F recipes. As always, love your blog.


Airport to Estate Sale, of course! You are Magpie Ethel after all. Glad it was worth your time. Sweet graphics on the table cloth.


Does it keep you awake at night wondering what you missed? Or is that just my crazy way of thinking?

I am dying to see what you are going to do with all those bathroom pretties (is there such a thing as bathroom pretties?).

Happy Easter!



Love those old bathroom items.. can't wait to see what you do with them!

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