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April 26, 2014



This is killing me! I NEED a few sales like this! Those planters are so amazing! Don't you just love when you find something unique and unexpected??? I just walked in the door from "Auntie M's" in downtown Hopkins. I saw a rubber Rooster there several months ago and he wouldn't leave my mind! Ha! So I went to see if he was still there. Yep, he's now mine!
Also bought my first (turquoise) plastic doilies!
So happy to see you had such a successful couple of days!
Erica :)

Mary Steinbrink

What a haul! I rarely find estate sales that are great around here. I did find some old nun figurines at the thrift store this week and I collect those. So, I was super excited! Thanks for sharing all the pics! Mary


Looks like it's Full Blown Estate Sale Land for you now!! I'm just blown away by what you've scored. Love those window boxes esp in that color.
What a haul of Christmas.
So much fun :-)
Glad the season has started for you.
Lucky you :-)
Have a great weekend!


I'm so glad you found things!! Love the window boxes!!
Great to see you


I'm always so happy to see your wares! Lets see. I found another green enamelware pot to feed the someday chickens with. I'm starting on a chicken hunting kick! Got a ceramic rooster at the thrift! Have a wonderful weekend!


Wow, incredible finds! Love all the deer of course; glad you could rescue that one from the dismal sale at least. Those window boxes ARE amazing!


You sure did hit it with Christmas. Wow! Love the old tags.

Musings from Kim K.

I'll be sharing this post with my mom and sister today. Us "ladies" will together for the first outdoor antique market of the season. Fingers crossed we can find some treasures before the rain starts. You hit the motherload of Christmas! Can't wait to see what you put in your window boxes too.


It's always so amazing to see the things you find!
Magpie, can you stop by and visit? I just got a grab-bag of vintage Christmas ornaments. There are 5 girls inside I've never seen before and was wondering if you knew anything about them? They're about 2 inches tall, spun cotton heads, looks like paper bodies, chenille stem arms, felt, covered in mica? Haven't been able to thrift in a while so it was a very nice surprise!


My newest obsession is vintage tins. Ever since I found that Kathryn Beich mint one I just can't get enough of them! Love the green ones you found. So Springy!

Yippeee for all the Christmas too! I found a little bit at a sale on Friday. Nothing like your haul but enough to make me happy!

BTW...you should probably make sure those turquoise planter boxes are attached to something unless you want them to mysteriously go missing the next time I visit Portland.



Wowsa!! You made a haul! I love the planter boxes. Anxious to see how you plant them. The little wooden girl is adorable. Another bundle of happy for you this week!!

Rob and Monica

OHHHHHH! everything is amazing! love it all (Monica)


I think you were rewarded for being a good girl and going to the dentist. I have the twin sister to that girl pushing the flower pot (it's odd, but cute somehow). I don't think spring has quite sprung here but glad for you it has there!

Melissa's Antiques

As usual - a great haul. Really loving the tape dispensers and the fair tags!

vintage grey

All such sweet finds! Love those cute deer!! xo Heather

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