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April 24, 2014



It's perfect! I am always picking up things that I love but just need inspiration to strike. I actually have a huge pile of junk out in the garage called "Mount Inspiration". Brian doesn't think I'm funny. What's wrong with him?

Stay dry!



You figured out what to do with it right after purchasing it? You've made me look at things so differently now. What a clever mind you have :-)
I take longer at sales now looking and "digging" through everything a little longer. I'm sure Phil's loving it since he's like you....he digs through everything! You won't believe all the things he's found that I've walked right past! Those little people look perfect in it.
I see some empty spots for future people?
Cute corner by the way.
There must be an off and on switch down here for the weather right now. Sun/clouds/rain/snow...can't make up it's mind.
Have a great day!


I love it!
Now that I'm in your neck of the woods, I'd love some suggestions of shops to visit! I need a reward for all this unpacking!

Sheryl Remy

Good call on the Revlon Scissors Box. You have the perfect spot to display it and the perfect people to display.


Looks great! Love old wood.

shirley hatfield

There's something about that couple on the top right...a flirtation going on? Perfect!


Adorable! Looks like an old time movie!

Musings from Kim K.

What a fun piece and I'm enjoying looking at all the figurines more closely. Such a cozy little area. Love that pillow against the chair and the floral print is pretty awesome too. I always enjoy glimpses into your home.


Oh I love this! Because your collection is really showcased well and you'll get to appreciate it every day! I don't recall seeing this gang of spun figures. An EBay find?
Wonderful! Hope you're out "hunting" today!
Erica :)


It's like a little fashion show ... those figures are really sweet, and perfect on your shelf.


Meant to be alright! What a great display - perfect!

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