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April 17, 2014



I need to find myself one of those crazy bunnies. He would be right at home in my house!

It's always fun to see what you find and to try and figure out just what you are going to do with it. I saw the toilet paper on IG and thought to myself "of course she bought a roll of pink vintage toilet paper." :-)

See you tomorrow!


Beth Boothe

I soooooooo look forward to your posts everyday!!!!!
Yours is on the top of my list ;)
I have NEVER known anyone as "Lucky" as
you on "Vintage Finds!" You Go Girl!!!!!
Beth Boothe
Durant, OK

Sheryl Remy

It looks like you had an excellent visit and found wonderful treasures. Have a Happy Easter.

Mitzi Curi

Great finds! I almost like Easter items better than Christmas because of the cheerful pastel colors....

Melissa's Antiques

There are some really awesome finds here! I am really loving the ceramic deer and the spun head girls!


Great finds and so happy to see your milestone trip worked out so well. Amazing you could get all that in one suitcase!

Into Vintage

Wow!! You made the most of your single suitcase. I think I love the bride & groom birdies the most but then again those signs (fried mush?!) are killing me! Glad to know your spun head radar is still firing at 110%!


Apparently Minnesota is the place to find the good stuff. Love those little watering cans. But I think my favorite thing is the shoe box. Too cute!

Musings from Kim K.

I can't believe all you crammed into that suitcase. Love those graduation spunheads. That honeycomb Easter bunny is pretty cool too. I can't believe all the Easter treasures you found. I'm very curious about the toilet paper. Be sure to share that with us later.


You must have had one huge suitcase! So the other stuff was in your personal suitcase?....Guess you wouldn't need much for yourself huh? What great finds! Lucky...more cute bunnies for Easter! Cute spun heads too. Guess your radar is on full blast wherever you go! The manic looking bunny is still cute. He just looks like he drank too much coffee or something :-) Love the rubber bunny.
A great hubby and wonderful sis-in-law too.


Yes, we have lots of spun heads here in MN. LOL
Not sure why that is. I'm so glad you found some cute ones. I love Hunt and Gather. And I live about 15 minutes from Hopkins...such a fun street full of shops! I'm sure you had fun at Auntie M's! That one is my favorite. I think JUNK BONANZA might even be better in September since all the JB dealers (around here) spend the summer gathering the good stuff for the show.
Looks like you made the most of your trip!
Yesterday we got 10 inches of SNOW! So you got out just in time! lol
Erica :)

chris mckinley

Love the pink watering cans!!And the graduation spun heads!! I bet it was a big suitcase!!

Protector of Vintage

Sounds like you had a great time! I went on Saturday. It was packed with customers, but I had fun. Have a nice day!


I want to see more of those funny food signs in the first photo! Fried Mush? Yuck!


There you go again....finding great stuff! Love the deer, and the bunnies (all), but the folk art swan is my favorite. I just love things that were built by someone and have lasted.


great finds, love the food signs - will they be making it to etsy? i think my parents must have visited the food joint where they came from - had many plates of fried mush sunday mornings before church : ( glad you had fun in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Wow. I guess you would have to only go with the clothes on your back, to save room for the goods!

Love those watering cans.....and that is one scary ass rabbit!


Oh what fun finds! That show is on my bucket list! And more pigs! I better get shopping, you are flying past me :) I love that green marble thingy. Perfect for displaying items. and those bride and groom birds are too cute. Glad you found some fun treasures (as if there was any doubt!)


Oh, I forgot, that fish bucket is TDF!


OH Deer, indeed! Love the last rabbit as well. What great finds Laurie. I hope one day to get to that show; but since I would be driving, I wouldn't have to be limited to a suitcase! That must have been terribly hard to do.

Denise Everett

do you still have this bunny?

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