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April 16, 2014



I agree, that show reminds me a lot of Farm Chicks. Ok, I'm not talking about FC anymore...makes me sad that I have to miss it this year!

I do watch Cash & Cari but I was just telling Hanna the other day that I probably shouldn't. I end up yelling at the TV the entire time because she drives me crazy with the way that she barters. She seems kind of greedy to me.

Glad you had fun & I can't wait to see what you found!


Musings from Kim K.

What an amazing show. The displays are incredible. I would have been in heaven and probably a little bit overwhelmed. How fun that you got to meet Tammy too! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Melissa's Antiques

I would love to go to this show!!


Aaaaahh! It looks like it was so awesome! And I thought the same thing, next time I'm bringing a truck!


Thanks for taking all those wonderful pics and posting them for us who can't make all those fantastic junking trips!! Makes me feel like I was there :-)
I love all those quirky displays. Always fun to "people" watch along with junking too :-)
The last pic of you in that truck is my fave LOL
I think you should bring a truck next time too. I can see you with that cool looking chair!!
Can't wait for the other posts.
Your posts are definitely getting me in the mood to go junking!


How did the prices compare to FC or the antique stores in your area? Seems like it would be fun to go to this but I wonder if the prices are at a premium because it's such a big name show.


You have had quite the junk filled month! Lucky you! Maybe our Farm Fresh Sale will get big enough that it will go on your bucket list. I'd love to go to a big sale like that someday!


And if you drove, and I drove, we could meet in the middle! (No idea how long it would take me. Especially if I drove at the rate you and Amy did to CA.)

Into Vintage

I'm curious to know how prices compared as well. I've never junked in the midwest but it sounds pretty amazing. Hunt & Gather looks especially fun -- love that giant toothbrush!

chris mckinley

What a fun show!! The displays are amazing!! And how fun to meet Tammy! She is tons of fun to email with, I'd love to meet her! And you too of course!!


What great photos!! Looks like heaven there! I hope to one day go to one! Love the children's plates in the tree display and that fabulous 7 up display too! Such fun!! Thanks for all the pictures! Can't wait to see what you got!! :) Easter hugs, Holly

laurie magpie ethel

The prices were pretty similar between Farm Chicks and Junk Bonanza. I wasn't thinking everything was that far off what I am used to seeing...and that is west coast vs Minnesota. Good prices and then some crazy prices of course. The best part of the shows are the displays...such creative people out there.


WOW, that looks like fun!! The displays are really great and I bet it was fun to find a digger booth! Looking forward to seeing the goodies.


I would have loved to meet you when you where here in MN! Maybe next time! The JB is loaded with unique things. It's fun just to look.I feel prices on most things are high, but I'm the Garage Sale Gal LOL!!! so I'm "cheap"


Well, it was much fun to meet you live and in color Miss Ethel! You took a picture of the little Eskimo girl that I nearly brought home in the chair at Hunt & Gather! Now I feel bad that I left her... That Hoosier was amazing and amazingly over-priced! Loved that tree with the tin plates on it too! I agree the displays are worth the admission price, finding a treasure is a bonus.

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