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April 28, 2014



What a great idea! Trying to figure out what you were going to do with that roll of toilet paper kept me going. I've been collecting vintage bobby pins, clips etc....and they've been stacking up lately. Got a great idea from you (again). Love the color of the hair dryer too.
Thanks for the little walk down memory lane. I noticed a lot of things either my mom used or I did. Those colorful curlers brought back memories along with the Noxema.
Have a great day!
Made my morning :-)


This is wonderful!!! So much to look at you could gaze at it for a long time and keep finding new treasures. I have collected a number of old wooden medicine cabinets and used them for a few of my thrifted gatherings" lady's toiletries and beauty items, mens toiletries and shaving brushes, old medicine bottles, and containers.
It's so much fun bringing everything together and then being able to display it. Love your work!!!!

Patti McCarthy

I love this! I have a bunch of these items and I JUST put them in a box to sell at my booth but now...I am making one of these! I knew I didn't really want to sell them! Thanks, AGAIN, for the inspiration! Love it!

Musings from Kim K.

Pure genius! I love the idea of a shadowbox for your vintage bathroom collections. It turned out so cool.

vintage grey

Wow, these are all so awesome and that hair dryer is such a perfect green! Love that gun toothbrush! xo Heather


Such fun!! Love that idea, your shadow box is sooo cute! And love love that hair dryer and its fabulous color!! :) xo Holly


What a great project! It looks terrific in your bathroom, too. I can't say that I kept my kids' retainers....but I do have their baby teeth in a box. I never felt right throwing them out - ewww, I know!


Well done! The green shelves on top really set it off.


Love it! Your projects always make me smile. I love that Tom is on board with your creativity and helps make your visions a reality. What a great pair you two make. ♥


Absolutely amazeballs!! You never disappoint. I have been collecting small vintage items from my mom's past and I want to do a homage type box. You just opened up my box choices tenfold with that genius use of magnets and glass.


When I saw the first couple of pics of the box, I was hoping that there was glass in front because it looked like everything would fall out! Whew! I'm relieved and amazed at all the things you collected!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

That came out cute. I have a friend that collects stuff like that and has a similar shadowbox in her bathroom with the same sort of items. I don't believe you when you say that it's finished because if you find something else that would look good in that shadowbox I can bet you are going to buy it anyway to add it in.

xo Danielle


Finally! Now I can get some sleep. I've been up night after night trying to figure out what that Magpie mind was up to involving a vintage roll of toilet paper! You sure didn't disappoint.

Loving the hair dryer so much! Must have something to do with the name...



It's the perfect adornment for the vintage bath! How you got it all to stay put is gravity defying!

Into Vintage

Oh Ethel, I love this SO much! You are a vintage visionary!!


Love, love, love it. So awesome in your new "vintage" bathroom! The glass trick was so smart and I will definitely be trying this!


Only YOU could make a display using old retainers look adorable! Love it all!
Erica :)

Sheryl Remy

So creative. A time capsule for sure. Great job on display.

Eddie Mitchell

What a cool display!


Brillant! So satisfying when an idea actually falls out of our brain into something so cool~yes? I so get it!

Carol Tootalian

Love everything about this project. Every item is perfect. You are a creative genius!

Su Gardner

Absolutely love it, love nostalgia! Did you glue any of of those items down or just arrange them in a way to hold them in place. I have the same hair dryer--it is so cute.


OMG! I could not love it more! What a great assortment...and I have that EXACT green Handy Hannah (without the stand, though)in my bathroom (I have a green, aqua and pink dryer arranged together...wish I could attach a pic for you!) Love your creativity, and I just knew that you weren't done decorating that adorable pink bathroom!


Not many could upcycle a 73 yr old roll of toilet paper, quite an achievement in a perfectly set vignette. Love the dryer.

Kim Campbell

OMG you find some of the most brilliant things! And do brilliant things with them.


So incredibly cool... it's like a museum in your own home.


the box is fabulous!

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