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May 14, 2014



Thanks for the happiness this morning!! That is just too cute. Can't wait to drag Phil over to see it!! That shelf is perfect!
So you have extra space for more too? If I find any you may not have....they'll be heading up to you :-)
Like how you display the "heads" too. I would love to wake up looking at smiling faces!!
Have a wonderful day!
You sure made my morning :-)

Melissa's Antiques

Really like that shelf!

Musings from Kim K.

LOVE that shelf! I also love that your husband doesn't mind them in your bedroom either! This post totally makes me SMILE!

Mary Steinbrink

Love the shelf and the rattles! Too Cute!!! I'm glad you found a spot to display them. I really like to display my treasures too!


Perfection! Makes me want to go to a HOmeGoods now too!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I love it! The shelf is the perfect new home for your collection and I think there is even a bit more space for a few more friends ;)


How perfect would this be in a nursery?! Not that it doesn't look great in your room.....:).
I can tell you that not all men would be o.k. with this in their bedroom but I'm sure you know this already. My dh puts up with quite a bit of my 'decorating' but yours is very accommodating. I LOVE your display, completely charming in every way!


Perfect shelf!! They all look happy in their new home and I know will make you happy when you wake up in the morning and see them!

Sheryl Remy

Start the day with a smile and all will be well. It looks like they were meant to be together and it is so cohesive.


Well that worked out super cute didn't it? Looks like you have room for more too! Love the shelf. I am not opposed to buying new made to look old if it truly looks old. Its a great color too!

Have a great day :-)



Don't you just love it when something comes together this well? A shelf of happy is right!


That display looks great! And I should probably head to Home Goods now...that shelf is super cool.


You'll wake up on the right side of the bed every morning! Delightful!


SO adorable and that shelf is the perfect spot for them.


That looks amazing~the perfect shelf to display them. Your husband is cool too! Maggie


LOVE it!!! The rattles are so cute and look perfect on that shelf!! The whole thing makes me happy!


How cute!! Love that green metal rack and how you displayed them!! Adorable!! :) xo Holly


Wow! Happy is the perfect term for that... what a great way to wake up - seeing that each morning is sure to put a smile on your face!


LOVE it!! Those rattles are so so precious! I need to search ebay for one for Olive..she's in that flinging rattles stage. Love how you displayed...your husband is a doll...mine would never let me put them in the bedroom, or probably anywhere else but the studio or nursery. (Well...not true...if I begged enough, I know he'd give in, hehe). It will be nice to wake up to all those smiling faces every day...swoon. :)

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