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May 06, 2014



Eeeeeeeeek! I didn't think I could ever classify something as common as apples as cute. But those honeycombs and that box are so sweet! But my favorite is the Back to School banner. Awesome!



I'm thirsty for apple juice now or maybe a crunchy apple just to eat LOL. Great post! I have a set of those apple tins and I just love them. Love the honeycomb and satin apples. What a fun box to bring home goodies in!
Nice touch with the apple and worm card at the end :-)


The Bak To School banner must be huge! Very cute though. Fun collection!

Musings from Kim K.

Love that mini school photo with the tiny apple. Such a sweet picture. I'm a sucker for honeycombs but my favorite is the Back to School banner. Super neat!

vintage grey

Oh, the honeycomb are my favorite and that cute banner!! Sweet collection! xo Heather


I would have been so excited to have seen that apple juice can when I was little - my name was never on anything!! Who am I kidding - I'd still be excited to find that!! Hah!!!


Such cute apples. Love the measuring tape. When I was a kid I had an apple made of wood. The top came off, and inside was a roulette wheel and tiny ball. A spike came up from the center so you could spin the wheel. Should you ever find such a thing I will buy it from you in a flash!!!

Into Vintage

So cute -- all of it -- although I especially love the apple tape measure. Interesting comment from Annette too. I have to wonder what other fruity collections you might have? Cherries? Berries?


Very cool collection... love the honecomb and the tape measure!

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