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May 13, 2014



Such a sweet collection. I bet you get super giddy when you find another to add. Can't wait to see how you displayed them!



This is a great collection of cute. I thought I would tell you that the suction cup rattles were put on highchair trays to occupy little kiddos while mom cooked or did some other task. I played with one quite a bit and taught my sister how to bang it around. Replacement was frequent as you may guess. Paula


My goodness this a most delightful gathering! I have never seen such cute rattles. Looking forward to who you do with them!
When I was very little my mom put bells on my shoes. They were enclosed in little white cylinders with screw off ends. No happy little faces. Love those!


Such sweet faces they all have!! A very cute and adorable collection!! :) Happy sweet week! xo Holly

janet johnson

Such sweet faces. Are they all smiling at our sunny weather this week?


These are just SO happy and fun. Isn't it a shame that babies cant have such sweet cute things anymore? Dora, Barney and Pooh just don't have the same adorableness. I have two of these, but I really need a hundred more! Can't wait to see how you have grouped them all together.


These are just too dang cute! How could you not enjoy creating with all those cute little faces smiling at you. Looking forward to seeing how you display them.

Musings from Kim K.

The expressions in their eyes make them extra adorable. I can see why you would want to be surrounded by these cute little friendly faces.


Wow! Had no idea you had so many of them!! Glad to add to your collection:-) So glad I ran back and picked up the little guy with the shoes too! Forgot that you really love details. If I run across anymore....they'll head up that way for sure! I keep my eyes open for them all the time now. What amazes me is all the beads and bells and other small parts on them. No way would you find those nowadays.
Those darling faces, what baby wouldn't smile at them? Can't wait to see their new home now!


they are so cute! i have two of the kind with bead bodies. they are so cute! i love the ones that you tie to baby's shoes!


Amazing~another collection that we share! I don't have half as many as you (got up and counted=5) Love the faces. Springfield Extravaganza is in 3 days!! I will surely be on the outlook ;-)


It amazes me how baby toys have changed over the years. I can't wait to see how you are going to display them!


Such a great collection. I never really noticed "faces" rattles before. They are adorable.

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