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May 20, 2014



Those are cute, and a flash card that reads, "Dang?" How funny!


Three in one day was a lucky score for sure. The colors will be perfect in one of your 4th of July displays, too. The conversation cards are a great touch.


I love those little phones! I have never even come across one! Great collection! Have a wonderful week Laurie! karen...


The last one of those I saw in an antique shop was priced for $75! I really wanted it, but not that bad. : ) Three in one day at one booth is pretty dang exciting. Nice score!


Cute! I actually saw one of these in Vegas this weekend in the most perfect shade of Jadeite green. I immediately thought of you since I had seen your post on IG earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the seller was asking $59 for it. Seemed kind of high to me.

Have an awesome week!



As usual, you have a collection of something that I have never seen. Love the flash card comments!

Sheryl Remy

One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy. These remind me of the lady who did a character on Laugh In as a phone operator. They are colorful and so fun.


I've got 2 red and one green phone myself and hope to find a blue phone like yours. They're so darn cute! I passed up a wall hung toy phone that looks like an old pay phone and I still regret that decision. :(

I don't comment often, but your posts always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!


I love these! I have the red one, but only that one. Do you make those flash cards? I have been trying to find a program to make my own. Who wouldn't want a 'DANG' flash card???


They are very cute. Good score finding three at once!!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Love them too! I have a yellow and red. So fun!


Count me in with those previous comments calling for a "Dang" flash card! LOL

Musings from Kim K.

Another fun collection. The colors are so fun! I remember playing with a black toy phone at my grandparents. I wonder if my mother still has it?

Eddie Mitchell

Cool phones! You actually have a flash card that says "Dang"? Awesome! Do you have "Gosh!" or "Darn!" or "Gee Whillikers!" as well? What about "Groovy"?

That's a collection I'd love to see! :-)


I love this collection! I don't know where you got the flash cards but they are perfect!! Thanks for sharing these. Now I wish I could find one that wasn't an arm and a leg!

xxoo Dianne


I like the flash cards as much as the phones! LOL
I've never seen cards with some of those sayings. "Ring-A-Ling" and of course the one made for you "Happy Day". My favorite one is "Dang"!
The phones are darling too. I've never come across any metal phones let alone plastic ones. Glad you got lucky!


Wow! Those phones are great and to add three in one day...amazing!!! Well done! (Rob)


What a great collection! They are superb, and look fantastic together.


show me your collection of Paint by Numbers?

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