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May 27, 2014


Betty in Arlington

Show me your collection of nativities.


Too big or not, the next time I see you, you'd better be rocking those pink clown shoes!


Linda @ A La Carte

This collection cracks me up (those clown shoes are priceless). I have a few pair of baby shoes but they belonged to my girls! STILL this collection is so you!!

hugs, Linda

Musings from Kim K.

You do have quite the assortment. I think you need to model those clown shoes for us! Not just put your feet next to it. I want to see you in the whole get-up! Clown suit and ALL!!

PS. I have a few special shoes that we bought Josie when we traveled to China for her adoption. I don't think I could ever part with them. Some of them I hang on my Chinese New Year tree each year.

Into Vintage

Ahem! Where are the swim shoes? Despite the near miss on the little aqua shoes (or maybe because they were the ones that almost got away), I think they are my favorites. The fact that you display them under glass like little pieces of natural history makes them all the more adorable. :)

Into Vintage

PS Just reread the post title "...(that don't fit my feet)" so perhaps that is the answer to my question.


I could see Laura Petrie rocking the pointy pair, guess it would then be in black and white. "Oh, Rob".


Your collections amaze me!!!!


What a fun collection! Only you can collect anything and make it fun!! If I had a collection of shoes, people would think I was just weird or a hoarder LOL. Love the way you have that pair under a cloche. I love those things and I have them all over the house to display things. I have to admit those clown shoes are my favorite. How can you not smile looking at those things? Love the props you use for your photos! I have to learn more on how to take pics. Yours look great!
Thanks for the post and smiles :-)


Oh my gosh... is there anything you DON'T collect? Wow. I just love those little bunny cutout shoes. Adorable!


Cute shoes. Of course you have a "collection". The little bunny shoes are very sweet and I really like the golf shoes........probably because of the red.


I only own 2 pair of vintage children's shoes, but I do believe my collection will grow. You've got such a colorful, fun collection!


Your collection of shoes that don't fit reminds me of a comment I made to my son a few days ago. He bought an old treadle sewing machine at an estate sale and inside the drawers were bunches of old shoe laces. My comment was 'I wonder if Magpie Ethel collects shoe laces.'(We threw them away).
I always enjoy your blog.


I don't think I ever saw Keds-type shoes with pointy toes! Love the baby shoes (and boxes). I have an old pair of my aunt's that are black and button up the side. Putting them on display is a great idea.


I adore those little green shoes - perfect for a Leprechaun!


Those pointy striped shoes made me smile. So stinking cute. Of course my favorite are those huge pink clown shoes. Do you have them displayed anywhere? They are so fun!


I would wear the red and white pointy pair! They would be perfect when driving my 57 Chevy! I wear an 8.5 BTW!


The clown shoes and the golf shoes make me smile. I love them all, but those are the happiest to me. I have a lot of baby shoes and booties that don't fit me and one pair of wooden shoes that do fit me! PS My nickname in High School was Shoey. I don't know why though.


Beautiful Shoes!!! I can see why a vintage shoes collection makes sense! I want them all! Those clown shoes are crazy! And I love love love the bunny shoes. :)


I love how you put the little jadeite green shoes on top of rolls of tickets! Your fun combinations always make me smile.

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