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May 31, 2014



Glad you had a mood change! I sure needed one today and looking at your blog helped change my mood :-)Love the metal cabinet and shelf. My eyes zoomed in on the tablecloth with the hibiscus? on it. Love the color on that! Amazing how finding some vintage goodies can put a little more spunk in your step huh?

Musings from Kim K.

Love that tree topper and the tablecloth. Amazing how you can pine for something and have it magically appear! You'll have to show us where the metal cabinet ends up and what wonderful things you'll be storing in it.


Great stuff!!! I think I need to move to Oregon! You find the best stuff ! Hope you have a great week! karen....


You find the most AMAZING stuff! That hibiscus tablecloth!! The fabric!! If this is a cure, I'm getting in line for a dose like this. :-)


awesome finds! Love the cows!


Love the cows. I have a little farm display in my living room that needs one too. I'm on the hunt!

Glad you found some good stuff. I have some major rearranging to do today because I brought home quite the kitchen haul the last few days. I really need to get to that point in my collecting where it is okay to let some things go to make room for more. I'm just not there yet:-)



Great finds, as always! What is that gray thing next to the cow in the last picture?


My mood changes greatly when I have found some good vintage junk. Yesterday I was a BEAR - cranky and moody. I think I needed a vintage fix, but I needed to work on somethings at home so I stayed home. Seeing your things helped my mood though! I love both of the old metal cabinets - GOOD SEASONS will be perfect for seasonal displays. I'm crazy for those striped tins too - I have a nice stack of them, but I am always wishing for more, more, more. Ah, the life of a junker.....


That fabric yardage is to DIE for! Is it finished on both edges, i.e. toweling? It would make great curtain panels, too. Love it!


I totally understand the mood change! My favorite thing you found is the chalk box.....it is unusual and quirky.

April Dudko

I'm right there with you on vintage being a cure all! You snagged some amazing stuff. On Saturday my best deal was an album full of vintage greeting cards, for 5 bucks!


Like those cows-- cute! Estate-saling is good to get your mind off things for sure.


As usual a wonderful display of your finds. I really like to see what happens to these items in your hands.

FYI: Walnut candy was typically a pillow candy in a white shell covering and walnut or black walnut paste inside. We always got the black walnut ones when we could. These were mostly found in hard candy mixes during the winter holidays. Sometimes they had their own bag. Yum!


That paper Santa is so cute!! Great finds - like always!!

Sheryl Remy

I love the axes. I haven't seen those before. Remember when President's Day was celebrated (at least in WI) using Washington and Lincoln imagery? With those axes and your past finds you could have a grand President's Day celebration.

Melissa's Antiques

woo hoo - wonderful finds! I kinda really love the salad dressing display! :)

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