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May 08, 2014



One of my least favorite things in this world-taxidermy-eeewwwww! HOWEVER~I do really really like your interpetation!!! I too love Rempel and your repurpose is brillant! So fun in a little boy's room~yes?

Su Gardner


Judy Ainsworth

Laurie, I just hate trophy animals of any kind,I saw
one at a junk store one time that was just hooves,it was a coat rack!
Having said that,(My opinion ONLY) That is the best little trophy head I ever saw!!Absolutely adorable! How clever can you be? -Judy A-
p.s. The man/woman made ones are also cute.

Musings from Kim K.

Love your spin on the trophy head. Josie would have loved this at her horse-themed cowgirl party last year. The lei and straw flowers are the perfect touch.


I hate taxidermy. I hate animal trophies. But, I ADORE this! So clever and cute! I rescued an old plastic hobby horse from someone's trash. I wonder if I could cut the head off? Although that seems a little heartless....

twinkle beverages

Brilliant! Wow....I am speechless.

Poppy K

Cute! But, I think it would look even better with vintage equestrian ribbons hanging from the bridle and maybe a piece of pony brass at the bottom center!


That is so cute. I don't dare show it to my granddaughter or she will want to have it. I love it!


When our dad passed away a few years ago, Hanna & I inherited a bunch of taxidermy mounts. People SPRINTED to them at our estate sale. Crazy!

Now I have a pretty good idea on how to dress up those cute ceramic pig mounts I found. Thank you! And just for giving me the idea, I am going to name them Ethel 1 and Ethel 2.


Eddie Mitchell

Just the thing for Derby! (If a few days late...) And nothing had to die for your trophy mount! And a part of a broken toy got a new lease on life! Win-win-win!


That is really cute! So much cuter than real taxidermy (in my opinion)!!


Awesome! I'd much rather have your version! The real ones freak me out.

Into Vintage

Ah -- so much less freaky than the real thing! YOur horse looks sweet and happy and not at all like he was caught in the headlights somewhere.
PS Just yesterday saw a collection of those mounted hooves and somehow using animal parts as a hat hook doesn't agree with me. ;-)


oh i love it! i haven't seen anything like yours out there! what a cute idea!
i'm a sucker for vintage taxidermy. something about it i just love. and i know it creeps most people out. i do have a paper mache deer head i made a few years ago, i could just never figure out how to finish it. i've thought about wrapping it with strips on vintage fabric. .maybe i need to add some cute stuff around it like your little horse!


Oh Laurie, what a great idea! Perfect!

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