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May 28, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Awesome pink color. Still loving the idea of your future beach house! A beach house that is all your very own, decorated anyway you like!!


Who knew there were Aqua Sox before there were Aqua Sox!


Cute swim shoes! I bet they look great with your vintage swim caps and the fun fish water bottles. Your "Someday" beach house is going to look so awesome with all the things you've been packing away for it.

Into Vintage

Thanks Ethel. :)


What fashionable water shoes!!!


Is there nothing you don't collect?! I love it! I wouldn't really think to collect old shoes that don't fit...although I do have a box of my grandmother's old shoes at the back of my shoe closet that do fit but uncomfortably so. I keep thinking that something I'll try them on again and they'll magically be comfortable. lol Silly me. Oh well! Love the water bottles too!

Curtains in My Tree

How funny , I like old shoes and always look at them and a friend says ouuuuuuuuu don't touch them .
She misses out on a lot of good collectible like old shoes
I like all your old shoes and especially the stripped tennis shoes with pointed toes ,cool

April Dudko

They may be brittle, but they look like they are brand new! What adorable shoes!

Betty in Arlington

Love your shoes! Not sure which display to put up on the mantle now that Ascension is here and the Easter eggs have gone down to their large nest in the basement for hatching next year...will need to take down the clear glass lamp with 34 eggs inside, too!

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