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May 18, 2014



Hi there! Wow you really scored in that box!! Love all those lovely vintage goodies!! You will have fun with all of that, I'm sure! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

I have never in my life seen a tomato Christmas ornament! Awesome finds in there. Glad you were up for the gamble!


Winner! Winner! Winner! You hit the JACKPOT~!


Boy.....even when you gamble you're a Lucky Duck!! I know I would've been doing the Happy Dance after going through the layers of that box! Love the fruit /veggie ones. I've never seen those either. You totally hit the JACKPOT with this one.
Can't wait to see the 4th of July tree now!!

Musings from Kim K.

Amazing! So many treasures that I've never ever seen. You really did well on this gamble. I've got patriotic decorations on the brain and can't wait to see what new things you are up to this year!

PS. Before Emma's big 16th party yesterday, Chris and I snuck away to an estate sale. We found some bigger items to put in our garden/door structure. I need to clean up them a bit and stage some photos.


That. Tablecloth. Is. Amazing. And the fruit and veggies!! My heart smiles just looking at the photos. Congrats on your amazing win!


Everyone has their favorite way to spend Sunday morning. Mine is drinking a hot cup of joe while visiting the ever-evolving world of Magpie Ethel fairyland. Thanks for so generously sharing glimpses into your magical world. Warm smiles, Jane

Eddie Mitchell

I only had a so-so day yesterday with the sales. Your mini ornaments made me smile. Good finds!

Bette Williams

A Christmas potato? I thought that my eyes must be playing tricks on me.


This is just like that giant mystery Christmas box I bought at a garage sale a couple of years ago!! We both got lucky :-)



I completely understand your kind of gambling. I think that's why I love poke sacks and bags of buttons so much. I love to bring them home and dig for treasure. You certainly hit a jackpot with this "poke" bin!!


Awesome jackpot!


That Santa!!!! I saw that first picture of him and knew he was my favorite of this group. So glad your gamble paid off. I really like the fruit, too, and the little angel boy.

Linda @ A La Carte

WOW! You Gambled and WON! Love the Santa and the sheep. Those little bead garlands are soooo amazing.


OK, This ONLY happens in your world. You know that, right? lol I'm happy for you though! And it's so fun to see! I've wanted that mesh Santa candy container forever. Maybe someday!
I did have some pretty great luck at the flea market this morning though. I'll post soon.
Happy for you!
Erica :)

janet johnson

You found Grandma's ornaments! I do love the sheep -- can't have too many.
At first, I thought, who would put a potato on a tree? Then I remember that we always have a pickle on ours... not much difference really, is there? Nice haul.


Wow! What a treasure trove!

Lisa W.

I think that you did REALLY well on that one ! Oh the sheep !!! Good for you Laurie .... so many great things and I think that last one is a peach ! I have one too ...........

Into Vintage

My kind of gambling too! That potato ornament is amazing. You definitely hit the vintage Christmas jackpot. *sigh*


Some real beauties in there! (I often think junking has a lot in common with gambling!) Glad your hunch paid off!


Nice! I totally would have bought that box too, even though I'm on an ornament moratorium at the moment.. but the tablecloth!!! is it a CHP?

Beth Boothe

"JACKPOT" for sure :0
When I go to an Estate Sale,
my search is ALWAYS for Vintage
Christmas! It's my absolute Favorite!!!!
One can NeVeR have too much!
Congrats ;)

Sheryl Remy

You Rock!

Melissa's Antiques

I do the same thing - I usually never look all the way through a box of Christmas stuff as long as the top layer or 2 looks good. Did that this weekend with a small box and ended up with some great ornaments - including the same fruit one that is featured in your last pic :)


Holy cow! I'd say you hit the freakin' Christmas jackpot! I love the fruit ones and all the garland is drool worthy.
The only Christmas I've found lately has been in my dreams. I had a dream last night that I was at an estate sale and found a huge haul of knee huggers, mercury glass garlands and white Christmas trees. And it was all priced high. Even in my dreams... : )

April Dudko

OH be still my heart! I have a "thing" for vintage Christmas. Boy, did you score! Can I come shopping with you?;)


Wonderful, wonderful treasures. You gambled and won big!!!!


Chaching! Big time WOW!! Those sheep alone are worth at least a hundred bucks! WOW! That tomato ornament is amazing!! Oh gosh, now I'm dying to know how much that box was! No matter how much, it's clear you made out, that's for sure!! :)


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