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June 27, 2014



Great finds all! I just spent 2 days with my sister on the Oregon coast and will be posting my finds as well. Always treasures to be found......:).

Musings from Kim K.

I've been on pins and needles waiting to see what treasures came home. You know I love that dollhouse. The awnings are the perfect touch. I've NEVER EVER seen anything like style before. Those wall paper boarders are pretty fantastic too. Love the sea theme. Can't wait to see what you do with the pink shudders. Welcome home!


What a fun get away with your buddy! That playground horse would have been enticing me to bring home too.
Love those bunny and cowboy racks. I've never seen the cowboy one before. Cute tin doll house! I've always liked those except I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. You know I've never seen any bags (or single) spun heads down this way. They're usually attached to something. They all have to be up that way with your radar.
Have a great weekend!
Looks like we're heading into the high 90's-100 this coming week!!


Maddie and I are headed to visit Hanna in Astoria on Monday and I think we have virtually the same junking trip planned!

Hanna & Matt got married at the Astoria Columns and afterward, we all climbed to the top to take pictures. I was wearing heels. Anything for my sister :-)

Hope you left some good stuff for me on the coast!



I want to LIVE in that dollhouse!


Oh, that DOLLHOUSE is the BEST! I have one that I love, but those awnings are awesome! I just put one in my booth, but I don't know if people appreciate such cuteness around here. You are lucky to have a junking buddy! Lara and I have fun around here - but a road trip would be SO much fun!Hey! What's the halfway point between Portland and NW Arkansas? :) *Looks like somewhere in Wyoming - we are 2032 miles apart!


I have been looking at those spring horses for the kids, but I haven't found one for less than $250. Yet. :-)

I will be hunting a saddle rack now, I am thinking vintage cowboy for the next room for Ginty.

Into Vintage

It occurs to me as I read this that climbing the endless, winding stairs in the Astoria Column may have been payback for dragging you Hobo Joe's? ;) Junkin' for fitness again! Always so fun to be on the road with you, Ethel. I'll have to think about where to drag you next!


Fun finds! I have climbed those steps in Astoria too. Did you fly a little glider off the top?

Ann  - Protector of Vintage

Super cute finds!! I especially love the dollhouse and the cat shaker!!


Wow, what a great haul. That fish border will be perfect in your someday beach house. Love those chippy stands! What are you going to do with them? Those rabbits are cute. I had one just like it but it was a teddy bear. It was the first thing I ever listed on etsy and guess who bought it? Renee from My Vintage Mending! Small world.


More great finds! Love the bunnies and the dollhouse. I know of a guy who collects anything turquoise - he sure would love that cake container!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh I love Long Beach. Charming coastal area. Been there many times. Looks like you found great stuff!

Vintage Adventure

Made a circuitous route through several other blogs and landed here. What fun! I had that same green green Christmas card file. Sold it one of my booths. Viva la Vintage!

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