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June 03, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Happy Anniversary!!!! Happy 25 years!!! Aren't you the cutest couple! Loving all those special anniversary cards. Continued blessings!!


Happy Anniversary!!! That picture is like looking at your kids! My they resemble you two!
Hope you have a wonderful day and here's to another 25!

Melissa's Antiques

Happy Anniversary! Here's to 25 more!


Happy Anniversary Love Birds!! BTW...I for a very brief second thought I was looking at a picture of Kate in that last photo. Wow! The resemblance is awesome.

Have an awesome day :-)



Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!! 25 years!! In this day and age that is quite an accomplishment! I'm sure that love overlooks your junk & we just haven't heard what your love
overlooks ;-) :-D ;-0


Congratulations on a quarter century! Certainly something to celebrate! We just had our 30th yesterday. time does fly doesn't it? Wishing you many more good decades ahead!

Sheryl Remy

Happy Twenty-fifth anniversary. I got married in 1989 too. We will celebrate in October. It is so good to have someone you can love and grow with throughout the years. Here's to many, many more.

Into Vintage

Happy Anniversary to you & Tom -- what a perfect post! I think that card with the his and her towels on it is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Other than that cute couple holding their marriage license. ;0


Happy Anniversary! What a cute wedding photo! Have a wonderful day!


Congratulations and many many more happy years together!!!! My husband and I celebrated 28 years together in April and it just keeps getting better. I love anniversary cards too...thanks for showing your collection!


Happy Anniversary! I love that pic of you and Tom!
It looks like it should be on a card with you smiling and winking like that!! Kate looks just like you with that great smile :-)
Hope you have a wonderful day.
***Like your collection of cards too!


Happy 25th Anniversary! That's such a cute picture of you winking. Love it. My 23rd was this weekend.

Vintage Greeting cards are just the sweetest. I have what I think of as "a bunch" - but I bet you have me beaten by a card store! :)

Alison Z.

Congratulations to you and Tom! I love the collection, but my favorite picture is the one of you two. Cheers to many more! ♥

janet johnson

Here's to the next 25! Clink!


Happy Anniversary to you both and congratulations on 25 years. That wedding picture is so perfect! You look soooo happy. The cards are great. I've never seen cards that can in a box.

shirley hatfield

Best Wishes! This is a fun post and a really cute couple at the end! =D


Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding picture - says a lot about your cheerful personality!
We just celebrated 30 years in May - isn't it wonderful to have husbands who "get" the "vintage thing" we all have!? Have a wonderful day!


Congrats on your silver anniversary-- so you were a June bride. How nice! Cute photo too! Love the "his and hers" towels card. When are card companies gonna figure it out and come out with retro designs??

twinkle beverages

Cuteness! Happy Anniversary. Just curious...did you graduate in something Art related? Art History...maybe?

vintage grey

Happy Anniversary!! Such a cute photo!! Love all the cards and wrapping paper! xo Heather


Happy Anniversary! Love the fun photo and all your vintage treasures! Here's wishing you 25 more--or more!


Happy 25th Anniversary!!!


congrats! great wedding photo of a fun couple.


Congrats on 25 happy years! My 23rd is this year and it is crazy how fast the time goes! You seem like you got a great guy, he seems a lot like mine... goes with the flow and lets you get your vintage on. What more could we want? Ha Here's to 25 more!!


What a fun picture of you two!! My In-Laws have a great one cutting the cake and MIL in licking frosting off her finger! It's one of my favorites of all their wedding photos! Congrats on 25 years!! May you both have many more years of wedded bliss together!


Lovely photo! Happy 25th Anniversary!!


What a sweet post and CONGRATULATIONS!! 25 years is no small thing now days and you two are clearly meant for each other.
We barely keep track around here anymore but I believe this July will be 39.


Love those cards!

Happy belated Anniversary Laurie!!

We celebrated our 34th on Saturday.

Time flies, eh? ;)

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