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June 17, 2014



You gotta love a time that fritters had a category all their own!
I want to see a detailed post of your kitchen. I love to see how you display things and how you use vintage items in your day to day life.
Needless to say your green is my green too! Makes me happy!!!

Musings from Kim K.

Another fun post! I agree with Melissa. I'd love to see a kitchen tour post too. I've been seeing some fun recipe boxes lately at estate sales. The best part are those hand written recipes. Happy cooking!


I love this collection! I have found a few recipe boxes over the years but my goal is to find one full of old recipes. Once I found an old cookbook at an estate sale that I bought for the graphics on the cover. Inside were a bunch of old, handwritten cards. I was more excited about those!

Have a lovely day!



the funniest part of this is when I think about all those people who preach "don't eat it if your grandparents wouldn't eat it". Hmmm, boiled beef tongue for dinner anyone? YUCK.

Betty in Arlington

How fun and what memories! You can publish a cookbook with those handwritten classics!

When my mom died, all the cousins said she gave them her handwritten recipes for a wedding gift! Wow...I don't have that! ( I need to look thru her things to see if some handwritten gems are in her recipe box/bag! ) Cousins and friends are still calling me to get one of her recipe specials! Miss you, mom! ...

Thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

You had me at Strawberry Marlow. And Fritters. I'm guessing that was from a Sounthern cook? An entire section devoted to Fritters? This collection is one of my favorites of yours -- very charming. :)


I love the ones you have in your kitchen...especially the one that holds a recipe. What is a meal without some sort of fritter??


OH! OH! OH! Memories of Rose's Restaurant on Glisan where the cooks would run out with the beef tongue and chase the waitresses! And an Oregonian recipe! Fun!


I had as much fun zooming in on the recipes! Plumamousse? Yikes! I don't even want to think what would happen if you ate too much LOL. Salad Dessert Sandwich Loaf? Cute boxes! I do like your green boxes you use in your kitchen. I've never any like the long one.
I also love your jar full of b-day candles. I get so many great ideas from your blog :-)
Thanks for sharing!


Cute collection. I'm with you on the "grandma green"!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Show me your collection of knee huggers.

& I've only got a few recipe boxes. Cooking is something I have been meaning to take up, but BF works at night time so usually 5/7 nights I am alone.

Bette Williams

Beef tongue is delicious. The problem with it is that it looks like a tongue and you have to peel the thick layer of the whitish-gray taste buds after it is boiled (looks just awful) it is good though.


Those old recipes are a hoot. I have some of my mom's old books and cards - I would never try to make the dishes, but reading them is so much fun! Love your green boxes... very cool.

Eddie Mitchell

My mother had a little green plastic box of recipes. Some of them my grandmother gave her when she got married. It sat on the kitchen counter for years and years. It's one of those things that I was unable to locate after she died. I've been bummed about it ever since.


Here's a recipe box story for you! I was at a shop back home and saw a recipe box, I was taken to it because it was the same as my Mom's, opened it, some recipe cards were in it, I recognized the writing as my grandmothers, this box had been sold at auction and found its way back to me!, I now have both of my grandmothers boxes, Mom's and one belonging to my mother in law, all with recipes!

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