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June 24, 2014



Cute collection! I have a couple watering cans with similar graphics but no buckets.

What part of the coast are you gals hitting up?

Have fun!



You sure can't beat the old graphics. Great colors!


Sending great junking vibes to the two of you!
Hope you guys have fun and maybe you'll find lots more treasures for your "someday" beach house :-)
Love those vintage buckets by the way!
I don't think I've ever come across any down this way.

Sheryl Remy

Fun collection. They will be perfect in a beach home.

Musings from Kim K.

What a fabulous collection. They are so hard to come by. Those graphics are just amazing, even with some rust and wear. Have a wonderful time junking! Take lots of pics!!

janet johnson

Nice collection. It would be cute displayed with a couple of aquarium sandcastles Or swim caps!


What a cute collection! Won't they be darling at your "Someday Beach House"? :)
I used to have the Wizard of Oz PB pail, and a wonderful Rodeo themed pail by J.Chein. But I went through a phase where I tried to deny my love of vintage...and I SOLD tons of stuff. Including the pails. Boo Hoo.
Erica :)

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Awesome collection. Makes me want to make a sand castle. Good luck at the coast!


Oh what a great collection. I have seen them in the antique stores for a lot of $. One I wanted was $65!!! too much for me.



These are adorable and lucky you - a road trip to the beach!! Where are you headed?


I agree. Our packaging today is boring and temporary. I know two artists, that takes metal work like this and makes amazing jewelry/art out of it. It preserves it and gets it back into the light where it deserves to be! Laura


These are all just so sweet. I have never seen a sand pail ever in all my junking. Must have a little something to do with not living anywhere near the shore!

Have fun on your junking trip! Amy really did pass the secret test, didn't she????


Staying in seaside and junking Astoria, long beach and whatever we find on the way home
Happy day

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Betty in Arlington

These buckets and shovel bring me back! We used them at Seaside Heights, NJ when visiting the cousins! They were brightly colored as I remember! The shovels were always red.

How about a collection of movie stuff; e.g., I have a collection of Wizard of Oz stuff.

Also, do you collect Cracker Jack gifts? Like rings, whistles, little figures, etc... My husband gave me a Cracker Jack ring after he proposed...so did some guys in the office until my ring was sized and mounted! ;)


I know it's wrong to be jealous but, I have to admit I felt a little pang when I looked at your collection! Have a fun-safe trip! :)


Quite a difference from the sad little plastic pails you see now, they're lovely!


Your sand buckets are the cutest!! Love the sweet graphics on them! You have a very sweet collection there! Have fun on your trip!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

diane c

Do you have a collection of bells?

do you have a collection of thimbles?

Do you have a collection of salt and pepper shakers?


Adorable collection. What a lot of joy these surely brought many a child so long ago!

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