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July 01, 2014



I take back when I said that your hatchet collection was the quirkiest ever. This one takes the snake (get it? Not cake, snake!) :-)

Have an awesome day. 86 on the Oregon coast. CRAZY!



To this day I have not found one or seen one of these snakes except for on your blog! Thanks for your helpful tip though.....look in the garage! Only you could come up with what to do with a vintage toilet snake LOL. Can't wait to see what other projects are swirling in your head for the other snakes. Thanks for the smiles this morning.
Stay cool! We hit 100 yesterday and today is supposed to be 104+ Don't think there's much of a difference after 100 though.

Into Vintage

At last! To me this is one of your quirkier & most unique-to-you collections. If anyone else starts collecting toilet snakes, I know it will be because they saw it here first! ;) Also VERY happy to read that Tom removes the coil part. Big Pete and Little Pete -- wonder who came up with that? Thanks Ethel!


I never cease to be amazed. I wonder if most bathrooms back then were either pink or blue. Another very unique collection.

Melissa's Antiques

Love it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Laurie, you're just the best! Once again I've learned something new on your blog. Of course I've seen toilet snakes before, but never a vintage one, and how could you not want one of these, when they came in such amazing colors?! LOVE how you turned one into a tree stand. But I have to know if when your husband told you that it was a toilet snake, did you run and disinfect everything you had touched after handling it? I would have!

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

What the heck? I did not even know there were vintage snakes out there. And pink too? Where have I been!




Ha! I was thinking an intervention might be in order but I do love how it looks re-purposed as a base. You have a good eye.


Ummmm? I guess as long as it's cleaned....VERY VERY well.....?


Without a doubt this qualifies as your most unique collection! Only you could make a toilet snake desirable!


Ewww, Ick! But I see why you initially bought one they are cute... I am a little of a germaphobe... (I know that's spelled wrong but I just woke up )
I love it as a tree base. Happy Wednesday funny Laurie! karen...


Ha! I think they are awesome stands - I never would have thought they were for the toilet.

Eddie Mitchell

Just when I thought you couldn't top the hatchet collection, here comes the toilet snakes. I'm going to have to think of something really offbeat to ask you about and see if you've got a collection of it. Hmmmmm.......

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