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June 14, 2014



Those stamps are great-- love the pictures. Congrats to you and your son!

Musings from Kim k.

Congratulations to Ben!!!! Love that picture. Love those vintage holiday stamps too. We are in Detroit and will be hitting a few estate sales before we attend graduation and Father's Day activities . They actually have sales on Sunday. Woo hoo!!!

Betty in Alexandria

Congratulations to Ben! Tell him to do what he loves; the money will come later. If he can get a government job, take it! Good bennies...SS and a pension!

Love the little holiday stampers; classic vintage! Those prices make your head spin! What we got those days compared to what we get now-is that inflation? Also, hard to find the American made anything now, eh?

Love the plastic nativity, too! Yours even has an angel with shooting star atop!

Cheers to the mom of a college grad, great photo!


Congrats to Ben! What an amazing day for all of you. What are his plans now? And more important, are you going to get to have him home for a while?!

Glad you got out to do a little sale-ing before the big day. It really helped me last week to clear my head before Alex's graduation. Love all the vintage Christmas you found. Your radar is always on, isn't it?

Happy Sunday & Happy Fathers Day to Tom!


Chris McKinley

Congratulations! Such an accomplishment!!!


Congratulations to Ben! That's a great picture of him too. What a great feeling that must be for our grads! Love those little rubber stamps and pink light bulbs. Right up your alley.
Hope all of you have a wonderful day!


Congratulations to your son! What a bunch of great pics in this post! I have a really sad version of that Pinocchio doll, so it's nice to see how he originally looked!


A great shot of Ben holding up his diploma!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Congrats to Ben! Gosh those years flew by fast, didn't they? And now his future is spread out before him, and he has the world at his feet!

Love all of your vintage Christmas finds, especially the pink bulbs. I bet you already have something in mind for them. Perhaps the beginnings of a bulb wreath?

Eddie Mitchell

Congrats to Ben and to his momma!


Congratulations to your son and family on his graduation! (And congratulations on having one less tuition payment!).
Great yard sale find with those rubber stamps - the crafting possibilities are endless!


Ben looks so very happy!! Hope he will be home for a while, or will he go fight fires again this summer?
Love those old stamps, it's the graphics and colors, you favorite things!!


Congratulations! A very happy day indeed. Best wishes to all of you.

janet johnson

Great rubber stamps. Great picture of your Ben.
Best of luck to him.

Melissa's Antiques

Love those stamps and congrats to Ben!


Those stamps are wonderful - I know you will use them on your cards or something clever. You need to make some baking tin toadstools - they are so cute! But most of all - WAY TO GO BEN! No more smiley face haircuts, I guess....:(

Sheryl Remy

Congratulations to Ben! Hope his future is bright. I love the stamps.


The finds are fun, but Ben graduating, how exciting! Congrats to you all! One proud momma for sure :)

Kim G.

Love seeing Ben the graduate! Hard to believe he is done already, it feels like he just got there!


Congrats Ben! What a great photo!!!

LOVE the old holiday stamps; what a great set!

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