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June 28, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Well done! That shelf edging is FABULOUS! Chris just finished painting a hutch that I'll use for extra storage at the cottage. After this post, I'm now on the hunt for shelf edging.


The shelf edging and the wrapping paper are great. Glad you found some goodies. You always seem to find something good. Happy weekend!

xo Danielle

Betty in Arlington

The shuttle loop is for flying saucers! You got points for getting the saucer in the loop area! We used it in the backyard and enjoyed it tremendously!

I even have a County Park here in Arlington with the saucer obstacle course!


Love the old wrapping paper. Cool edging too. Great designs!


Love that shelf edging! I would be a shelf edging fool and put in on everything! Oh, I can think of sooo many possibilites for that big hoop! Im sure you will too! You'll have to show us how you use it.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

I swear. You have a nose for the good estate sales! The shelf paper is amazing. Which makes the wrapping paper super amazing! Great finds.


Can't wait to see what you are going to do with that shuttle hoop loop. I agree that it's a bad idea to let the kids play with it in the house. I'm assuming they wouldn't try?

Loving all that shelf paper. It must be pretty rare around here because I have never seen it. I really want to find some so I may have to resort to online. Either that or rob your stash when you aren't looking :-)



That shelf edging was a great score. I love that stuff!

janet johnson

Oh, Mickey and Minnie paper. So cute. Too cute to use.

Into Vintage

Loving your shelf edging -- those graphics! A very close second is the Minnie/Mickey gift wrap. Seems like that might be a very collectible little gem you found. :)


Love that chalkware, the chick in this post and the group in the other post. Did they make chalkware for other holidays? I may have seen a Santa years ago....


LOVE the Disney paper! What a fab find Laurie!!!

And that game loop is wonderful - reminds me of a birdcage stand!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh that shelf edging is to die for!

WIth all the treasure-hunting you do, including your road trips, I sometimes wonder if there will ever be a day that you will think it's all too much stuff....and then I wake up and come to my senses....

Some day soon, we need to meet for coffee at Monticello's or something. I have a small stash of Magpie-esque vintage treasures that I brought home, but never did anything with. They deserve to be with you, rather than be neglected by me....:)

Sheryl Remy

I once read that Disney starting collecting many of the old Mickey items that were made since his inception. Apparently, when they started licensing his image they didn't always get the item and now they are trying to collect them all. That wrapping paper is wonderful. You have the best of luck when shopping.

Melissa's Antiques

Fun finds! I'm really starting to get into the vintage floral sheets/pillow cases myself! I have been buying them for a friend for some projects... and now I really want to start keeping them!


Glad that sale turned out better than you thought!
That's always a nice surprise. I just love that shelf edging. I have some laying around that I should use. That wrapping paper is adorable! Haven[t been able to get out much but I know I can always rely on your blog, Pinterest or IG to get my fix through you :-)
Have a wonderful day. Hotter than heck down here for this week!!


You stayed up all night to get lucky:)! And DID:) Laura


You are way too lucky!!! Great scores, especially the Mickey & Minnie paper.


So pretty! I just adore all of your sweet finds! You really had some luck at that sale!! :) Love Love those shelf edgings, those are so sweet! Kim shared those cute apple ones in her cottage yesterday! Too cute!! :) xo Holly

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