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June 07, 2014



I love a good linen closet, too, but I'm the one digging for the tablecloths and kitchen towels. I don't think I've ever seen such a treasure trove of bath towels like you found - they will be awesome in your new bathroom. It goes to show you that we so often put things away for "nice" or "later" and that can turn into years. I'm a quilter and when I give a quilt as a gift, I tell people they are meant to be used!

shirley hatfield

Bravo to JoyceG! Even now when I buy vintage embroidered pillowcases I use them until they fall apart! My mother had a little box of wedding gifts that she never used or enjoyed...she was saving them for her "dream house" that never came. I inherited some of those treasures and have them on display. It sometimes makes me sad to think she never got to enjoy them.


Those are great linens. Your colors and your style, perfect. Re: save things or not, my mother used her good china and sterling silver every day. Even put them in the dishwasher, once she had one.


What a pretty stack! And rare to find those tags still attached! For some reason I never have luck with buying linens at sales. They always smell like moth balls. And so no matter how long I soak them, I can't get that smell out. I've had to throw some really pretty things away. Tips? Or hasn't that happened to you? Is your tip "Don't buy things that smell like moth balls"!?? LOL
Erica :)


I'm beyond jealous!!! I LOVE old bath towels and wash cloths. There is just something about the colors and patterns. Isn't it amazing that people hold on to them for so many years? They are going to go so well in your bathroom. Lucky you!

Musings from Kim K.

What fun! Totally perfect for you lovely bathroom. Like Erica, I'd love tips about getting out moth ball smells too. I brought home the prettiest table runner for my vintage enamel table. It's going to be heading to the utility tub for a good soaking.

mary scott

Ooooh, I love these. Hope you all are having fun at Farm Chicks. Can't wait to see what you bring home.


Meier and Frank! What great taste Gertie had! Only you would stare at the estate sale pix and spy vintage towels! Good eye Miss Ethel!


Great score! I adore the old floral towels and wonder why those are not made anymore. Used ones kind of creep me out but I always buy when they are "new".
Are you going to be home in time to hit the Clean Sweep sale tomorrow? I am going back for a second dig and saw some thing I thought you would like. I will grab them if you can't make it.


Such pretty colors! I have to admit, I don't think I have ever been tempted by towels at a sale. But, these great old ones that have never been used are great. Love the colors!


What a great find! Can't believe that you found some with price tags still on them. Sure do love those vintage colors. Wish they still made towels like those with those nifty colors and prints on them! Glad you saved them. A friend of Phil's up in Creswell was using vintage linens and unused vintage towels in his barn as rags!!! :-o I stopped him in his tracks and he let me rummage through a huge container of them. The pic of these towels in the linen closet made me think of that time.
Hope you had a great time at Farm Chicks!

Betty in Arlington

These towels seemed to have dried dishes much better! I use the old ones from my mom for baby bibs! What a gorgeous collection. Another challenge: beautiful printed tablecloths! I have at least two that are winners! Thank you for showing us your collections! Betty in Arlington

Sheryl Remy

You have the mojo. I can ever remember going somewhere and finding anything in the towels that hadn't been used already. I hope you are your mom are having a great time.


Awesome! Love the graphics and colours.

I just found a bag of my mom's "calendar towels" in the garage when doing a final cleanup before the new owners take possession of their home. Brings back memories, that's for sure!

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