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June 11, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

I'm so pleased that you shared that picture of your Mom at the end of today's post. I was hoping to see her. Looks like an amazing show. Can't wait to see more!! Thank you for taking us with you.


So happy you gals had a wonderful weekend. Really, I am :-)

I'll be in line with you next year. Save me a spot if we don't get there at the exact same time!



Thanks for all the pics! Makes me feel like I was there walking around too :-)
Lots of quirky and fun displays to look at. It's almost like standing in line at an amusement park huh? Your mom sure is a trooper! My pot of coffee is ready now. I get to go through your posts again. Can't wait to see more ;-)


How nice to go with your mother. That photo idea is really nifty-- and fun. Did you buy any little swans??


Can't wait to see your finds! I would have had to buy that string of lights with the snowcone papers - how cute is that??

Sheryl Remy

Sounds like a good time was had by all of you. Your mom looks terrific.

Rob and Monica

That show looks like a lot of fun and worth the travel and wait on line! (Rob)

Into Vintage

I thought of you when I saw those snowcone cup lights - they had an Ethel essence to them. Love the framed flower flashcard too. Thanks for sharing your mom with us and see you next year! xo


Looks like such a great time!! Love all the pictures!! :) xo Holly


i'm glad you posted so many photos! that show looks amazing! can't wait to see what you got!


Oh my! How fun that you and your mom share this common passion! You look adorable together!


Farm chicks looks like so much fun! It's on my bucket list! At the venues where I sell, I never see fun cute things like you and I love. I'm trying to take some of that stuff when I sell - we can't be the only ones that love cute fun happy things, can we? You are lucky to be able to go with your Mom. My Mom has always been my best friend. <3


That just looks like Paradise!! My head would be spinning!! Lucky you!!!


I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and enjoy your Farm Chicks posts. Looks like such a fun time and SO much inspiration. Love the sweet picture of you and your Mom!


Laurie! It was so nice to meet you again! Wasn't it an amazing weekend?!! I can't wait until next year! Hopefully plucky maidens will be in my future.....

Lisa W.

Thanks for the pics Laurie .... it's another show that I would like to make it to someday ! The snow cone lights are brilliant ! Now I have to try to make some..... did you end up buying a string of them ?

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