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June 19, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Leave it to you to find these to complete your collection. Absolutely charming graphics on those eggs.

PS. Celebrations will be happening later! Driver's license is in Emma's hands. Next up, the title office!


Oooooooo!!! I bet you were so "egg-cited" when they finally arrived!
They are darling-why can't graphics look like that today? I would totally buy anything that cute!

Betty in Arlington

Never saw anything like this before! Unique little toys. Don't know if it would pass the baby chew test now a days...did the CPSC approve?! Cute!


Those are crazy cute! I remember seeing those when you posted about Round Top. I have never seen anything like them before. They must be pretty rare?

So not that you can stop stalking the postman, I'm going to assume he has had the restraining order lifted? HA!

Have a great day!



Those are really darling! I can see why you were excited to get them! Those are something I have never seen.
Happy thursday! karen...

Sheryl Remy

I always experience something new and interesting on your blog. These eggs are really fun. You are right the original packaging really adds to the display.
Wonderful find.

Into Vintage

Ha! If it makes you feel any better, there must be something happening at the Federal Way p.o. -- I shipped a package to NYC for a photo shoot and 6 weeks later, it was still stuck in Federal Way (and too late for the shoot). Eventually it showed up in NYC and they were nice enough to return it to me. Bleh.

Wow. That was a long and boring story. Happy to know your slowpoke eggs were worth the wait. :)

Into Vintage

I was referring to my comment as boring but you probably already know that.


I totally would have stalked my mail person as well for these! So FAB!!


So very cool! I have never, ever seen anything like them... I can see why you were excited to receive them!

Post Offices are a mystery sometimes; I had a Christmas card once reach me from the UK in February. They mailed it early December, but it made it's way to Canada via Bermuda.... :P


You find the cutest items!! I love them. Something new to be on the look out for! Aren't tracking numbers the best? :)

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh my word! I can see why you would stalk the postman. Adorable!


I once had a package go to Hawaii and back before it finally arrived - crazy!


I do remember when you found those the first time. I'm so glad the box showed up for you. That's a yucky feeling.
Went to two estates today. The first one's prices were a JOKE. $3.00 a piece per regular solid colored Shiny Brites. Ha! I managed to dig and find a couple little x-mas bits. The second sale was a bust. This weekend finally calls for no rain. So planning to hit both flea markets. Here's hoping! Good Luck with your sale!
Erica :)

Lisa W.

I HATE IT when packages stray ! I am so glad your eggs made it to you ..... they are killer cute and I had not seen them before . Thanks for sharing !!

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