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June 20, 2014



Can I tell you how much I wish I lived in Portland. I imagine you have the end all be all of garage sales. I am crossing my fingers for you to have great weather!
Purge away!

Melissa's Antiques

Have fun!


I think you must just wiggle your nose and everything gets done LOL Every time you talk about your sale, it makes me wish we could be there :-(
It always feels good to purge though doesn't it? It'll make more room for more of your collections!! I seem to purge and things just mysteriously pile up again LOL.
Glad the weather will be nice and hope you sell it all!!

Sheryl Remy

Hope your sale goes well and the weather is perfect.


Your castoffs are the things I dream of finding. Good luck and happy day to you!

Into Vintage

See you tomorrow! So excited to check out your neighborhood sale. I'm even going to GET UP EARLY for it.


So happy I read this post. Didn't realize it was this weekend. Will try to make it!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I wish I could go to your sale. Good luck and don't buy all your neighbor's stuff. :)


On the morning of one of your sales, long before it starts, you will look out the window and see my car parked across the street in front of your house. Waiting. Don't be alarmed! Just bring me some coffee :-)

Good luck!


Eddie Mitchell

I'd drop by, but:

1) My instantaneous teleport machine is on the fritz. The cats keep playing with it when we're not at home and the hair shedding plays havoc with the delicate settings.

2) I'll be trying to sell a ton of goodness of my own at our Peddlers Mall sidewalk sale. I've been working all week on it.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Darn it, If I jump on a plane this morning I will still probably be too late! Good luck with the sale. Hope you sell all of it, plus more.

Musings from Kim K.

I agree with Pam. If I could jump on a plane, I would. best wishes with your neighborhood garage sale. I'm sure you'll do well. We've got boxes stacked up at our house. Cottage bound though!


Oh I wish I could be there but will be driving to Sweet Home instead. I am amazed to see the little cardboard corner hutch and a stork in the pile. Someone is going to score today!


Looks like you're doing a good job! Wish I lived around the corner! I would love to shop your sale!


Wish I could be there! But maybe it's a good thing I live so far away - I need to purge too! Best of luck today!


Magpie! Stop on by! I wanted to give you credit for inspiring me to make my own patriotic doll and pretty much blamed you for my messy art room!!


The storm before the calm? Good Luck at the sale! The Girl Child didn't have much more than a couple bins and a large suitcase to bring home from college but it still sat in the living room for a month before I finally gave in and put it away myself.

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