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June 18, 2014



Amazing how fast you can get revived hearing someone say they're going through "VINTAGE CHRISTMAS" and come take a look first huh? I'm assuming your friend isn't into that stuff or maybe she already kept some things? Love those bird clips and the mica snowman!
I bet you always have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head when you sleep.
Thanks for the story and the smiles :-)


Who wouldn't get an second wind with the promise of vintage Christmas (well, besides Scrooge)!

I was getting my 4th of July tubs out of the shed yesterday and saw the mass quantity of Christmas d├ęcor that is spilling off of the shelves to the ground below. I got super panicky. I have got to destash! It's out of control. I shut the door and informed Maddie that she will be helping me sort through it all shortly. She said "if you pay me". Whatever it takes to get through it!

Have an awesome day. The sun is finally supposed to show its face around here.


Musings from Kim K.

I dream of sales that like and to have first dibs on that amazing stash is like the best Christmas present EVER! Sounds like a perfect end to a very busy but happy day!

Sheryl Remy

How lucky you are to have such good friends. I love the mica snowman. I'm a big fan of snowmen.


I am not a morning person, so I know I miss many goodies by not being at the sales early like you do. But, if sales were in the evening - I would CLEAN UP! That's when my energy is in high mode! Awesome finds you had. That Santa has the sweetest little face. I'm amazed that she didn't want to keep things from her Mother - but maybe she did keep some things. In any event - lucky you!

Into Vintage

Really? Someone simply called you to come and get more vintage Christmas than I've found all year? :)
BTW -- your ring-a-ling photo is pretty dang cute.


How super to have such a good friend who would give you first dibs. And a great end to a wonderful day. She really had a bunch of good things, too. The Santa letters are so sweet. Plus crossing some summer shopping off the list. SCORE!


I am the same way! I could be soooo tired but somebody tell me about a sale and I am soooo excited and out the door! Great finds! karen....

janet johnson

Love the birds! ... and their tails are perfect?!
You found a lot of good stuff. Hope you weren't too excited to sleep!

Melissa's Antiques

woo - I'd jump up out of bed for vintage Christmas like this too!


Why wouldn't she want them herself? Modern gal??


Ha! Sugar plums??? Well, Christmas IS only about six months off... ;)

I can just see a lot of those treasures made into awesome Magpie Ethel Christmas stock. I'll bet you are in full holiday mode even over the hot summer months!


Laurie you are the luckiest person I have ever met! I think you should buy lottery tickets cuz NO ONE gets as many vintage winners as you do!!


LOL! Bravo to you for letting the junking mojo rule!


I wish someone would call me to say that they have a bunch of vintage Christmas to get rid of! Only you, girl! I LOVE that Snowman! And the Santa plates. Well...all of it of course! There were several promising estate sales listed for the weekend. But I didn't go to a single one. I fear I have literally run out of space to store things at this little rental house. Good thing we are looking to move very soon!
Congrats to Ben!
Erica :)


I need to make more friends who will share their vintage with me. :)

(on an unrelated note, I thought I'd share a tip. if you ever want to test old xmas lights or bubble lights, you use a 9volt battery. put one terminal of the battery on the socket end of the bulb and the other terminal the socket threads and wait a second and the bulb will light if it's still good.. )


well that was a trip well worth it! Nice to have friends who know what you like and who think of you! I love the light reflectors you picked up. I have some old red and blue ones that I put out with my patriotic stuff.
have a great day Laurie!


I remember those Santa Letters! Great finds and the phone photo is too cute.

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