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July 08, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

Love that little bit of trivia about you living in South Africa. What an amazing experience. Another sweet collection.

PS. Thank you for the shelf paper. Can't wait for that flooring to get finished so that I can jazz up my cottage hutch!


Love your tower of giraffes. How lucky to have lived in South Africa at an age where you could really remember and have great experiences.


Oh no, Hanna is going to go wild with this collection! Giraffes are her favorite animals. I have the sweetest picture of her and my kids feeding them at the Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin.

South Africa, huh? Although it must have been an amazing place to live, I bet there weren't a whole lot of estate sales :-)

Planning on hitting the Expo Saturday? Maddie and I will be there.


Melissa's Antiques

What a fun collection challenge! Also - living in South Africa sounds amazing. I've always wanted to visit!

shirley hatfield

I think people who have lived in other countries and experienced diverse cultures tend to be more creative and of course more tolerant of other views. I would love to see a giraffe in the wild!


What a cute collection! Amazing how putting away stuff makes you realize how much more you have. I'm partial to the tall one. Is that a Rempel? You probably said what it was in another post but I can't remember everything on your posts LOL!
That growth chart is darling!
Wow! How fun to have lived in a different country!
I think you do need to write a book someday. The adventures you must have had along with all your junking, collecting, re-purposing and crafting!


I just got to meet and pet a giraffe at the Pittsburgh Zoo this past Sunday. Such sweet animals. I collect vintage/antique alice in wonderland stuff and have been wondering if you had any collections that would fit in with it. (alice, white rabbit, humpty dumpty, etc.) Show me your collection of Alice in Wonderland!


Only you would join two photos to mark one giraffe! Out of the box thinking. Literally. It's a happy collection! And I want to hear more about your interesting life!

Betty in Arlington

Wonderful collection! My little brother had one like the second photo, right giraffe. It is c. 1966, when he was born! What a memory! I am going to send him the link to jog his memory!

My niece has a giraffe attached to a pacifier.

Sophie the giraffe is now the popular baby toy: http://www.amazon.com/Vulli-Sophie-the-Giraffe-Teether/dp/B000IDSLOG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404852967&sr=8-1&keywords=sophia+the+giraffe+teether


Do you know anything about the wood giraffe with green spots that you featured? I think I have others from that set -- they at least look very similar -- and I don't know if it was a theme set or what. Just curious.

Sheryl Remy

You filled a tall order with your giraffe collection. Hope you are having a fun summer.


Your collections never cease to amaze me! I don't think I own even one giraffe, but I'll think of you the next time I see one!!! Thanks for making me smile!


I had no idea you lived in South Africa and no idea a herd of giraffe was called a tower. I learned two new things today! Thanks for the shout-out, too. We got back from CA last night and I had no cell coverage at my MIL's so just getting caught up on my blog reading. Wishing you a "junky" weekend!


Those giraffes are so cute! I think I have only two: a little stuffed one that I was given for my first Christmas when I was just two months of age (it's OLD!), and a wooden carved one that was here in the house; it belonged to my in-laws. Your collections are always so fun to see, Laurie!


I didn't know you lived in South Africa! It must have been amazing. I saw my first real giraffe just last year at the Minnesota Zoo... so cool.

Your collection, as always brings a smile to my face! Darling little guys!


Why are giraffes always so cute!!


OMG. I am addicted! I stumbled onto your blog via a Pinterest photo. Now I can't stop!! At first I was just picking and choosing which collections to view, then I became so intrigued and curious that I just had to start at #1 to see each and everyone! (I am usually working full time and don't have tons of spare time to be online, but had surgery last week and home recovering for 6 weeks-yeah!!) while I am trying to pace myself and only look at a few collections a day, I am already on # 100 something. I can't get enough Magpie Ethel, my new best friend. I am a collector and love all things vintage also, but what intrigues me most is that I may have 1 or 2 things of any of these items, you have entire collections of them.
So, my challenge to you is, "show me your collection of ....teapots" or teacup/saucers. (I don't think I've seen a collection posted of these).
Thanks for making my recuperation so much more fun! :). Monica

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