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July 29, 2014



I love the one with the blue bow but the one with three faces is over the top. I have never seen one like that!!


You and Tommy Ball were meant to be if he found his way all the way down the I5 corridor to you!

Stay cool. This hot weather? Done with it.



Usually I don't like doll heads. Not the heads themselves, but the fact that they are detached from the body. Of course, your are cute heads! and only a few. The three headed one is great. It must have been an expensive doll in its' day. Perfect for Miss Magpie.

Musings from Kim K.

Love the blue bow doll head. Maybe it's me, but I immediately started to think of Halloween crafting when I spied doll heads on your blog.

janet johnson

I love the first ball-head. Think of all the places it's been... behind the hedge, over the fence and into the crabby neighbor's yard, out in the street, maybe a dog grabbed it and had to be chased and 50 years later into your hutch!
Great collection of treasures.


That blue bow doll head is adorable. I crack up when people get creeped out by doll heads but I do get it. I lived around the corner from 2 sisters who had 1,000's of dolls in their collection. Their house was on the historical home tour and everywhere you stepped there were probably 30 dolls staring at you. On each stair a pile, in the bathrooms and kitchens... then I got it! I imagined myself in their house at night in the dark... I understood why people get scared! Buwaaahahaa!
Lol! karen....


Every time I see a cabinet full of doll heads on a blog, I can only think about a dumpster full of doll bodies. :0 I'm not really a fan of the doll heads, but the ones you have are super sweet. The girl with the blue bow is super sweet.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Your Tommy is cute. Glad you rescued him.


I would totally buy the three face baby head just for my Halloween display. Nothing says creepy like a schizophrenic doll head.

Eddie Mitchell

Dolls are bad enough. Dolls without bodies? YIKES! Run away! But I do love being surprised by your many collections!


Oooo, that three faced doll is creepy! I would have to hide her waaaaaay back in my cabinet. The rest are cute though :)

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