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July 11, 2014



I believe that what is it is a nut chopper! Great stuff!


Yes! A nut chopper! My mom has a newer version but the same concept. Great finds today! Love the sign for the hallway and the stuffed pig!
Erica :)

Musings from Kim k.

That hallway sign is a gem. Can't wait to see the magic you preform on your little doll. Fabulous Christmas. Love that Santa especially. Have a great Saturday. I'm sneaking a peek of your blog on the cottage deck. A perfect way to start my morning.


I'm almost positive that I went to a relative of your sales homeowner a few months ago. There were literally hundreds of pigs. I only bought one but if I wanted to open a Pig Store, I could have had enough stock to last me years.

Loved that cash register on IG. What a sweet find.

See you at the Expo!!



I'd say nut chopper too. I have a very beat up child's hand beater (was mine) with the same colored handle which is why I've kept it. Love the beach towel and no loitering sign. Great stuff as usual!


Wow! Great finds! I love it all! I can't even pick a favorite! I love the cash register, and the Steiff pig ( I have 2 Steiff pieces to sell but can't figure out the pricing on them) I love the cups and the brooms..... Fun stuff! Can't wait to see what you find today! karen....

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

OK, nut chopper it is then! Love the handle. The brooms are very cool. I'd say it was a good day after all.


Wow, you really lucked out spotting that sale. The cash register with the "no sale" is my favorite. I think the "thing-y" must be some sort of chopper or maybe to mix something, like for gravy.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

The rolly polly Santa is cute and I like the little brooms (oops that looks like a collection to me). I was going to say that mystery piece was a chopper but I see that a few others have already beat me to it. The faces on the cups are kind of scary.


Definitely a nut chopper.


Cool finds... a Steiff pig? Awesome! Those are usually very pricey. Well done Laurie!

I can just see that sign in your home... keep the hallway clear? In YOUR house? Good luck with that.



Those coffee mugs are amazing. I have a small collection of African Amercian things like that. Yes, it was racist and degrading, but it is apart of our history. Dishes from that restaurant sell for big money - you might want to check it out if you haven't already....

Great find on the Steiff pig. I think I have five Steiff toys, but none of them have their ear button. So, I am forced to keep them. :) <3


LOVE that steiff pig. I have a few little steiffs, a couple tiny bears, a reindeer and a lamb. I feel like theres something else.. but cant think what it is.. maybe theres not!
have a great day

Mitzi Curi

Great little finds! The Steiff pig is fairly valuable, even without the ear tag.....


It's like you live in the land of whimsy. You find the BEST stuff!


You wonder how I sock things away? LOL! I can't keep up anymore since I love following you on IG now too :-) I'm partial to those little pixies and angels....you know me and Christmas. My favorite is the cash register though! What a score with that!
You guys are a lot cooler up there than us too!!


I put out the July 4 spunheads in the shop and of course everyone wants to buy them. No way! Always love all of your finds but I have to say the coffee mugs from the Coon Chicken Inn are way cool. Horribly offensive, but still cool.

Into Vintage

What an interesting variety of things from one person. Always make me wish I knew more about the original owner. Those mugs are something else -- learned something new here today, Ethel. ;)

Melissa's Antiques

Really cool (and oddball) finds!

jenny- 516vintage

One of the things I love about yard sales is you can really learn about the people that live in that house! We went to a moving sale last weekend and you could tell from the items being sold that one of them was a school bus driver, they liked camping, and someone collected pigs! There was quite a large piggy bank there, and if I had the space, I would have bought it. It was life size! !! We went back to the sale the next day, as prices were low and wanted to see if there was anything left (there was), and most of the pigs were gone, including the huge pig. Our 6-year old son was disappointed, the pig was big enough for him to sit on! Great finds as always!!

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