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July 13, 2014


mary scott

Oh, my! Love. Every. Single. Thing. The colors are delightful! Thanks


Turned out beautiful Laurie! Love the color of the carpet and the whole room! It's fun to see all the wonderful vintage stuff you've amassed and put together. Like the shelf holding all the pottery and the child's vintage washer and the plastic fish in a bowl next to it! Very cute!!Of course your hobby horse head mount. Great use of the vintage linoleum sample! The couches and throw rug sort of pull everything together. One of my faves is the chair you had recovered! I forgot....your grandpa's?
Love the whole room :-)
You give me inspiration almost everyday!


The colors are great! I love how they are a bit mild, but still really colorful. If that makes sense. And I'm happy to see that the child's toy washer with the 3 fish on it found the perfect spot! That's my all time favorite M.E. piece! :)


What a treat it is to visit your family room! Such wonderful ideas and inspiration. I think I will get out my vintage tablecloths and make some skirts for my chairs! Soooo cute! Everything is just wonderful!


Oh my gosh - it's just so wonderful. It's fun spotting things I remember you posting about over the years- the fish washing machine! The HI pennant! The FROSH hat. What fun! I even spotted the pressed penny collection. We have one of those too, but they are getting harder to find. Thank you for letting me in your sweet house! Now I want a basement. And there are NO basements in Arkansas.....


Oh Laurie, it is so perfectly YOU!! I hope you are sitting on the new couch and relaxing.

Eddie Mitchell

Very nice. What's that long picture on the wall? It's neat. Love the linoleum poster! And I'm totally psyched to see that Space Ghost Big Little Book in your stuff. I'd been racking my brain for a collection challenge, but coming up empty. Now I have one: Show us your Big Little Books! It looks like you have a few.


Ahhhh....just perfect, I wouldn't have expected any less! I think the old advertisements on the wall just might be my favorite part??? I don't know, it's all so great!
I really think Flea Market Style magazine needs to showcase your house. You above all others really bring vintage to life.
Thanks for the peek!
*Still waiting for a kitchen tour! :o)

Su Gardner

so amazing, like walking into another world. It's your use of color that really makes all your collections POP. Wish you would give a lecture/tutorial on throwing fear aside and go for it COLOR. Love your 'ride the rainbow' style.

Melissa's Antiques

Love it! Turned out great! :)


Comfy-cozy for sure. Love the colors and how you use old/found furniture and decorative pieces. You've got an eye for detail!

I wish we had a basement like that. Ours floods from time to time so it's not a room we can use like that. More like an old, dark damp cellar!

Musings from Kim k.

Chris and I are pouring over each and every picture. Love your color choices and special details. It's so cozy and YOU!!!

Sheryl Remy

You truly do have a talent for display. Your choices of color and theme are excellent. I love the basement room redo. It's just so you.


I'm in the process of doing the same type of overhaul of my upstairs bonus room. Originally when we built the house, we expected the kids to want to use it to hang out with their friends, watching tv and playing video games. After 5 years, I am still the only one who ever goes into that room so I have told everybody that they had their chance and the room is now totally mine by default. I love all the sweet vintage touches you did. I'll bet you could go into that room a hundred times and find something different every, single time. So far that I have seen, my favorite are the fish in the bowl. So cute!



Wow - that is SUCH a fabulous room! I love all the color and all of the wonderful vintage things, the carpet is perfect, and the couches look so comfortable and inviting!
It's totally fantastic - every last detail. Thank you SO much for sharing it with us!


It is so much fun to see how a collector decorates with the things that they love - you have done a wonderful job in making this room light, airy and fun! I love everything about it, but that long print above the couch is just fantastic!

Alison Z.

I got so excited when you said it needs a tour!! I love what you've done! There are so many lovely things, but I think the self portraits are my favorite! Thanks for sharing, I always love your tours.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I love it Laurie. It reminds me very much of Mary Engelbreit.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Wow!!! Your family room is so YOU. I really love that carpet color. It goes so well with the walls. Fun to see all your stuff displayed down there.

I need to know what the long picture over the sofa is too.

OK, off to pin a few thousand photos from your family room now :)

laurie magpie ethel

I did a post way back when on the long print over the couch and here is the link.

Mary Steinbrink

I love it! So colorful. I want to do that with my basement, but for now it's just a junk storage area! Maybe someday. . . Thanks for sharing!

vintage grey

Wow, you family room is amazing and your touch is just so beautiful with displaying your treasures!! Love it all!! xo Heather


It looks amazing and so well put together in the Magpie Ethel style. I like it because it looks comfortable and just right. Little pops of whimsy everywhere you look. Love those fish in the tank and the wooden "Come and get all the facts!" box and you phone collection. Plus love the polka dot rug! Ties all that goodness together so well! Good job.

Kim G.

It is darling! In the words of Liz Lemon from 30 Rock "I want to go to there"


This room is very inviting and of course full of fun. I like it very much because I feel I could spend a lot of time there and be comfortable!!

Lisa W.

I just love what you have done to this room ! I would have never thought of using a rug sample chart .... clever, clever you !


thanks for sharing your happy place, makes us happy too! love the congolum poster and fishys in the bowl, too fun.


Great colour choices. Very inviting room.

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