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July 30, 2014



What a great kitchen tour! I just love how you kept everything vintage to match your Tudor house. Love the vintage eye candy and shadow box!
Who took the pic of you in the last pic?
You look so cute in your apron!
I have green touches all over the house too :-)

Beth Boothe

L@\/£!!!!!!!!! ;)


I love your kitchen, every little bit of it. how lucky for you to have that great stove adn fridge. They are perfect for you.
And, I LOVE that shadow box art piece... amazing! makes me want to collect some stuff and make one!
thanks for the kitchen tour. Im sure Im not the only one who would love to see more of your house. I remember seeing bathroom pics when you redid your bathroom... but would love to see other rooms! lol!
happy day Laurie

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

I'm dying here. I want to move into your kitchen and live there. I could set u bed up under the kitchen table. You'd hardly notice me :) Seriously cute though!!!

Musings from Kim K.

Your kitchen needs to be featured in a book or magazine. All the special details are amazing, but I really appreciate how much you've kept the vintage 40s theme throughout. It's so welcoming and very very charming. I'll be right over to enjoy some of those cookies and get a better look at everything!


Well, how cute is that!!! I want to bake there, I want to eat there, I just want to stare at it! Love it!

kirby carespodi

Awesome! We have a 1940s cottage (English/New England hybrid)and the kitchen needs a serious makeover. I love yours!


YAY!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't even taken time yet to enjoy it-I just saw you posted and I had to write. I can't wait to take my time to sit back and take it all in. Eye candy is the correct way to describe it!
Thank you!!!

Now I can get back to bugging you for the book I think you need to make. :o)

Sheryl Remy

I really like the vintage looking frig and stove but it's all the small details that make me swoon. I love it.

Melissa's Antiques

This is what I HOPE my kitchen looks like one day! *Swoon* Loving all the green!

Mary Steinbrink

What a lovely kitchen! We are just getting ready to re-do our kitchen and this is some great inspiration! Thanks for sharing all the photos!


I loved your kitchen when Hanna, Maddie, and I got to visit! It is the sweetest little space with so many unexpected touches that you could look at it all day long and find something new every time. This post comes at the best time too. Brian and I are talking about a kitchen remodel and I am really wanting to get rid of my granite countertops so I have been looking for inspiration. Loving the two colors of cabinets too. Inspiration everywhere!!



Oh my goodness! I'm in love with your vintage kitchen!! As a matter of fact, I'd like to move it into our house. I love every little detail, especially the plate arrangement with the cute flower tiebacks. Adorable!!! I may Pin every single photo. :)

Thanks for the tour, and I'll take two cookies with my coffee, please.



The kitchen is fabulous! I love the little details and the way it seems so inviting. When can we come over for coffee and cookies?


Come decorate my house!


love love love your kitchen! You are inspiring me to paint my cupboards! Love the fridge and the stove, great purchases!

Curtains in my Tree

ADORABLE thanks for showing it off

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Oh Laurie I am in love with your sweet kitchen. I love all the details. Love that fridge too. Everything is vintage goodness.

xo Danielle


Oh I love you kitchen. Thank you for the tour.


Awesome kitchen! I adore your stove and fridge. I'd love to see a shot of your collection of spoons above the stove. Your assemblage of items is a favourite of mine. You do great work!!! Your home exudes happiness and warmth. Your posts always make me smile.

shirley hatfield

You are such a cutie! And I just love your cottage kitchen with all it's nooks and crannies. Reminds me so much of my grandma Patta's kitchen.

Su Gardner

that was so much fun. You really should think about writing a book on all your house redo's and
decorating idea's from your garden to your studio
to your house--it would definitely be a best seller. To be perfectly honest, I haven't bought a single magazine since I found your blog;
it is eye candy and mind blowing. love it


Love the colors! I hope to have a retro refrigerator some day too. I think they make the best statement pieces in the kitchen.


your kitchen is so beautiful! i love the green touches. I have a teeny galley kitchen but I've tried to make it cute with white cabinets, teal walls, and red accents.

Kim G.

Your kitchen is wonderful! One of a kind just like you!


I love it all - it's wonderful. My Mom lives in a 100 year old farmhouse. She has a broom closet/pantry like yours by the stove, but she has NEVER opened it. She's afraid of it! Someday I will see if there is a treasure in there.

How did you mount the little irons? I have some and have thought about using them like you - but I can't figure out how you hung them on the wall!


Just adorable. The Kurly Kate sponge is cute, for your Kate no doubt. Love that you have the old time look for the stove and fridge. And the blue floor is a great touch!!

Beth Anne

I love your Kitchen and need you to come and make over mine. I so wish my kitchen had your kitchens charm. Love the green color!


Okay, now I am over the top inspired to get off my behind and make something cute! I am just thrilled to see your kitchen! Looooooooove it! And I just love seeing you with your apron and cookies, too! Thank you SO much!

Susan M

Thanks so much for sharing! Love your kitchen.


the iron towel hooks are adorable, as is everything else.
the frig is amazing. i think i would be a better cook in this kitchen as i might even cook if i had a kitchen like yours. lovely.


Love love love your kitchen and all the sweet vintage detail. Is that rack above the stove spoons?

mary scott

I love it all, but the nook is my favorite part with that built in china cabinet. I have just as much stuff in my kitchen including 50 vintage plates & platters all around near the ceiling. But mine is a 50's ranch, not cute like your 40's Tudor with all its charm!


What a beautiful kitchen! A vintage lovers dream - has it ever been featured in a magazine? If not it definitely should be!


Your kitchen is just darling and so adorable!! I love it!! You have so many sweet touches all around! Love your tin plates and curtain tie back above the window, so charming!! I have to go see that shadow box a bit closer too! ;) xo Holly


Adorable kitchen - but how the heck did you get that last shot???

Love the green - I have a few old kitchen utensils too - I only collect green.

That shadowbox is amazing.


I always love a good kitchen tour! (Even ones that leave me with refrigerator envy!) If I ever get my kids through school, my splurge is going to be a farmhouse sink (which will necessitate a whole big redo, which would be fine by me!) (p.s. can you tell I am on vacation this week? Comments and everything!)

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