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July 16, 2014



What!?!? Something not from an estate sale! Yup, they will look great for any red holiday!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Cute as a button...just like you, Magpie ;)


Those are SO cute. Nice score!


So very cute! I can totally see those on my mantle top....hint, hint!!


I think they look a bit like you! I have four small figurines like this but hey don't have the candles - I've never seen anything like them!

Musings from Kim k.

I do see a bit of magpie in their sweet faces and hair. They are a wonderful addition to your valentine collection.


Those little red lips! I see why you are in love :-)



You're going to wait until Valentine's Day to put them out? They're darling! You just always find the cutest and most unique things :-)


What a lovely addition, they will be sweet for Valentines and Christmas! :) Love their little faces! xo Holly

Into Vintage

I was thinking the same thing as Shara -- that they look a little like you. Not that you're running around in nothing but a cape and bloomers but from the above the shoulders, I see some Ethel there. :)

Linda @ A La Carte

What adorable little faces! Great addition to your collection!

shirley hatfield

You find the most unique things that I never knew existed! Was I just blind during my growing up years that I never noticed the future collectibles I might want to look out for later? I don't see Valentine items very often. Cute, cute, cute!

janet johnson

Those two look like they know something we don't know... hmmmm

Pretty darn cute!

Betty in Arlington

Reminds me of Ethel Mertz! Where does the mailman get the treasures?


well, I can see why you are so smitten with them! they are quite lovely! I so want to come to your house and paw through all your treasures! lol!
have a great weekend!


For a minute there I thought Tom was in trouble.
They are adorable. Love their hair. The light up candles are the topper!! WOW

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