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August 29, 2014


Musings from Kim k.

Love the selfie!!! Love the Halloween treasures too. How fun your mom could join.


Are you going to sell the curtain panels? If so, please shoot me an email.


Great finds! Enjoy the long weekend and cooler weather - FINALLY!


Another week of fun and vintage finds for you! I sold several of those hanging grape lamps on ebay for over a $100.00 each, but I don't know if they still sell for that much. I sold one on Craigslist for $120.00 once too and didn't have to bother shipping it. They are neat, but not my style. Yours either.

I love, love, love that scale. I love old grocery store things and that is just THE BEST. The best!

Into Vintage

That scale is great -- how will you use it? Other than standing there and admiring it which really is more than enough but you have that crafty streak. And you know I love a rusty metal box. Great scores Ethel!


Every time I hear Huckleberry...I think of Huckleberry Hound LOL. Do they stain your hands?
Love those curtain panels and Halloween finds! I've never seen those grape clusters as lamps! My parents had a grape cluster sitting on their coffee table in the 60's or 70's? You do rock those sunglasses!
Have a great weekend!


sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! I dont think Ive ever tried a huckleberry... But of course if someone posts something like that, I immediately think I need to try one.. or buy one.. of find one! LOL! well, sometimes anyways! lol
have a great labor day weekend!

Eddie Mitchell

I totally love vintage shot glasses! And that Halloween tambourine is way cool, too! Keep on rocking those sunglasses!


You definitely are on a roll with the vintage Halloween lately! Lucky gal :-)

Those curtain panels are amazing. Are you planning on hanging them?

Have an awesome weekend!


vintage grey

Love it all, especially those pretty towels! And, your new vintage sunglasses are too cute! xo Heather

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh I love Trout Lake. Haven't been there in decades. Is that sweet little inn still there? I think they put on plays or something.

As always, the Kitschy Junk Gods were good to you....:)


That scale is awesome. Too bad you don't have room for it. Those vintage sunglasses found you, I think!
Happy Labor Day weekend!


Looks like that rummage sale is a pretty good one for a small community. Holiday treasures just waiting for you. The scale is a super find!
We leaned this year that our tall tree with berries on it is a huckleberry....the largest one the arborist had ever seen. No way we could pick the berries.

janet johnson

I have a very small collection of the google eye shot glasses. I haven't seen one in a long time except maybe at an Antique store at a price I didn't want to pay. They are fun.
I think I smell huckleberry pie... yum. (those berries are so small !)
Have a safe weekend.


Those curtain panels are adorable. Are you going to put them up in your kitchen?
I remember the Newberry's store at the local shopping mall. Everyone liked it much more than the Woolworth's at the same mall.


Yum! I love huckleberries. Our aunt usually does this, too in Washington and makes us each a jar of huckleberry jelly for Christmas. I love all your finds and what cute sunglasses! Every time I find grapes like yours, I sell them in my booth for $15 - $20 and they don't last a week! LOL!


Amazing finds again!!! Have a great week!

shirley hatfield

My mom and the other church ladies in the neighborhood used to make those grape clusters in Homemaking Meeting. Hated them then...still hate them now...lol! Jealous of your Halloween and Christmas treasures...but then I always am! =D


Loving the vintage Halloween. Gosh, it will be here before we know it! Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

Melissa's Antiques

What fun! I love having little traditions on certain weekends of the year. I can't wait for persimmon and apple picking season here. It's coming up soon! :)


That fabric is TO DIE FOR, especially with the trimming on the edges! Love the glasses, too! And I remember my grandmother had some of those grapes in her living room. I'm always amazed at the amount of great stuff you find. I'm starting to think it all migrated to Portland!

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