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August 05, 2014



A perfect summertime collection! I love how you put out beachy theme after the 4th of July. One of the reasons I keep my 4th stuff out longer is I hadn't quite figured out what to put in it's place until the fall/Halloween fun comes into play. Well, I finally decided. Vintage camping! I'm pretty excited to have new things to look for now.

Cooler in the valley but also hazy because of forest fires. It's always something, isn't it?


Musings from Kim K.

I love your beachy themed items and these seahorses are just delightful. It's fun to think of decorating your future beach house. Someday it'll be the cutest beach house EVER!


I love Seahorses! When I was a little girl this strange elderly couple lived next door and one time my mom had to ask them to babysit me. I was kinda leary...but then when I went into their dining room, they had live seahorses in an aquarium on their dining room table! That got me thru the day, I was in love and have loved seahorses ever since!
(I later found out that strange couple owned a funeral home! ha!)
Happy Tuesday my cute friend! karen...

Linda @ A La Carte

Love this collection! I'll keep an eye open for those seahorse glasses now! I remember getting shrimp cocktail in glasses and we thought we were so fancy to eat those! Have you ever done a collection on Flamingos? I love Flamingos!


Love those seahorses you found esp the cute one with the hat and umbrella! Is the pair of seahorses a tank decoration? Those are darling too. If I find any of those glasses, I'll send them up your way!
Have a great day!


It's definitely a collection! A cute one too!


What a unique collection! I seriously think you must have at least one of everything there is!!


Cool! Love the ceramic ones! So cute.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Well, of course you do! Wouldn't they look cute in your powder room.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I've always been fascinated by seahorses too. They are amazing creatures. I have a seahorse ornament hanging in my car that came from Seaside. I like the seahorse picks. They would look cute in a shadowbox.


i LOVE that first one! your someday beach house is going to be so cute!
illustrated sea horses are so adorable, then you see real ones in an aquarium and they are so strange!


The first one is especially cute. How about a Japanese glass float collection? There are two shown in today's photos.


Your collections still amaze me. I would have never guessed there could be so many different vintage seahorses. I'll have to check your list, but you MUST have a flamingo collection somewhere.

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