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August 26, 2014


Melissa's Antiques

I think you should put a little hook on the back of each and hang on your kitchen wall.


These are fun! I have an overhang over the dining area in my kitchen that is just screaming for something cute like this. I'll have to keep my eyes opened for them at sales.

Hope you are enjoying your time away from this horrific heat. Can you believe that it was cooler in Vegas than here? That's just crazy.



I thought about hanging in the kitchen but no wall space I already have my collection of curtain tie backs and vintage cream/green metal plates up as well. Am sure
I will find a spot someday! Happy day Laurie

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If you have counter space, you could get one of those metal tier racks (like you see for buffets or deserts) and display them in that. I also noticed that 3M is now making a velcro type removable hanger - you could hang these pie tins just about anywhere using the velcro hangers without harming anything.


Leave it to you to have pie tins with words on the bottom of them! I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for them :-)


Finally we find out there is something you DON'T collect - lol!!
I keep some of my plates standing up in the back of the cabinets, behind the stacks of dishes that sit lower. Kind of hard to describe but it works out for me to store and display some of my Friendly Village.

mary scott

I honestly have more of something than you! Shock! I have 5 old tins: "CASE-MOODY PIES"; "POPPIN FRESH PIE"; "NEW ENGLAND FLAKY CRUST PIE TABLE TALK 10 cent dep."; "ENJOY PY-O-MY ICE BOX PIE"; "S". I love them. I love yours, especially HAPPY HOME. I like them hung together, but mine are sandwiched between all the vintage kitchen stuff on my kitchen walls.


You have more than me???!!! Must collect more... I got the happy home first and that is my favorite. Love the sound of what you have! Happy day and happy collecting! Laurie

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they are so cute! i have some pie plates that a friend made me that say "mmmm pie" and "dang!" in the bottom. i love the little surprise under the pie!


I suddenly want pie. Mmmmmm...pie.


I feel terrible for stumping you! You're still queen though because you have so much awesome stuff! I love the pie tins. I have just one (so far) which hangs on the wall in a plate holder. Mine is neat because it says "Flint Pie Co." I live in Flint, Michigan and my research (google) says there was no Flint Pie Co. here. Maybe I should start one. Thanks again for sharing your goodies and hope part 2 of the humdinger sale is even more humdingier!

laurie magpie ethel

Kimberly, Don't feel bad about stumping me at all. I have been stumped lots and lots! At least your suggestions of kitchen items brought about this post on my pie plates!

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