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August 02, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

I sent out an email to my mom and sister alerting them to your latest findings. Loving all the sneak peeks on IG. You even scored a bit of Halloween too! That Holt Howard holiday head is absolutely fabulous.


You do find the very BEST vintage stuff--love all your goodies!


Awesome that they let you shop after 4:00 and you could score all those little santas. I would have grabbed that jadite coffee jar, too, chipped or not!


It's always a good sale when you can find vintage Halloween and Thanksgiving. And that Jadeite canister? Perfect for flowers. But my question is what are you going to do with the Cracker Jack prizes? What a fun find!



Looks like you really hit some great sales! Love the Santa face and can't wait to see what you do with your "somethings". Also, your kitchen is adorbs and I want it all :)


That red devil looks slightly familiar..... I think I met him in high school!
Ps- I have your box of goodies ready! I can mail them to you tomorrow!


The Christmas things are super, as usual. I am crazy for those wood somethings. The colors!! The cherub book looks interesting. How could someone not open the Cracker jack prizes?? Will you open them and show us?? It was indeed a Happy Weekend.


wow and wow! one wow on all the turkeys! love them and the other wow on those colorful wooden things! I know you will do somethign fun with them!
as always... good findings for you!
have a great sunday!


Wonderful! Love the candles and the old skeletons. Great finds!


Nice post! You had me with the Holt Howard Head Vase! I have to go back and look again LOL.
Love the Halloween and the little devil mixed in with the Christmas garland and ornaments. How fun is that plaque going to be hanging in your house?
Haven't made it out to many sales this Summer. Glad I can count on drooling over your pics here and on IG :-)


Gurley turkeys! Another thing we have in common - lol! And those large mason jars are just divine! I've spent lots of time in NJ, being an east coast gal originally. People tend to think that NJ is "all city" but there is actually a great deal of lovely rural space, and the seashore is gorgeous.

Eddie Mitchell

That Howard Holt holiday head is totally wacky, as are the best of the HH stuff. Good score! "Devil with the Rhinestone Eye" would be a good title for a murder mystery. I was in the safety patrol at one of the elementary schools I attended. We got the badges and these bright orange belt things, but all we did was walk the school grounds and make sure kids weren't running in the halls or stuff like that. Your posts always bring back such good memories! PS Those skulls totally rock! Cannot wait to pull the Halloween stuff out at the booth!


The Howard Holt head reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy. lol

Great finds as usual!!


Wonderful finds, how lucky to have went to that last house!! You sure do find the best things, I just love love seeing your collections and posts!! :) Love all your vintage Christmas treasures you got, those wood "somethings" will be somethin....all spiffed up! The Holiday Holt Howard head is too cute! Yay for Halloween! xo Holly

Melissa's Antiques

Wonderful finds! Really lovin' the Halloween finds. I've got Halloween on the brain, since I just listed every bit of my Halloween stash up on etsy!


This Jersey gal is very jealous of that dishtowel! And the tiny toadstools! I have quite the toadstool collection. Something about them being usually red (my favorite color) and polka-dotted just makes me happy :)

Into Vintage

Only you would have the luck to find a pile of unopened cracker jack prizes. I bet the person who set them aside way back when probably knew you'd come along for them some day. ;-)


Wow, incredible treasures! What a huge amount of vintage holiday - and love that wooden sign - yep, looks like it's from a church alright. Very cool.


Lots of cuteness. I would be stumped with those Cracker Jack prizes ... to open, or not to open?

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