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August 09, 2014



Love the suitcase, of course! Too funny that you lost an elephant but I can see how it might happen with all those collections. I only made it to thrifts and Nina and Joe's this weekend but still got my junk fix.


That suitcase is going to be so cute as a table, you have to share when its done. Those shells will be great in your beach house :)


Looks pretty great to me. What a cute advent calendar. Love the dollhouse furniture.


The missing elephant is so cute! I only snagged a large liddled glass apothecary jar (?future terrarium) and another item at a sale. Nothing was priced, buyer gave whatever they wanted and the profits were going to a school in Zambia. I probably overpaid but it was for a good cause.

Musings from Kim K.

My mom and sister got introduced to your Instagram account yesterday. Neat stuff. I'm especially smitten with that dollhouse furniture.


I didn't hit any sales on Friday and hadn't planned on going to any yesterday but ended up at a parking lot flea market and a few country sales. Got some great stuff! I love it when sales find me.

Lucky for me, I don't love closer to you. Then the mystery of the missing elephant may not be so hard to solve :-)



I guess they can't all be awesome. An old suitcase for $1 is good and it's a super cute one. I love the valentine. I have that same tiny jug in yellow. Hope you find the elephant.

vintage grey

Cute advent calendar! And, love that pink elephant! xo Heather

Bette Williams

We had a Seaside vacation in July and our bedroom had a stack of old suitcases made into an end table. The top case had a piece of glass perfectly cut, for a nice surface. It was a charming beach house touch.


The doll furniture would have made me very happy!


Love that suitcase and for only a buck? That makes it even better! Love the little snail with the bow too! The card and hearts box was a find. That would great in a Valentine display! Did you find your little elephant?

Melissa's Antiques

At least you got something! :)

Into Vintage

Your not-gangbusters sales look pretty good to me but then again I don't have your magic touch when it comes to estate sales. Those little snails are pretty dang cute!


An elephant NEVER forgets! ;)


Wow! A vintage suitcase for a buck? Now there's a deal!

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