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August 23, 2014



I'm speechless :-o If you're doing a post on an AMAZING sale that deserves two posts.....what do you call this sale then? I'm just giddy looking at your Halloween haul and that garland! Love the Christmas corsages and I've never seen a cardboard stocking topper like that before. We wound up going to the lake and what a great ending to our day seeing your post :-) Can't wait to see your posts on your AMAZING SALE!


Oh my gosh! I just spit my coffee out! Who else could have a moth tin collection (and make it look desirable) than you??? you are such a hoot! looking forward to your AMAZING SALE post! :)

Musings from Kim k.

I agree with Doreen. This post is pretty darn amazing!!!! I'm having serious Halloween envy. I can't wait to send my mom and sister an alert to check out your latest post.


I just can't get over the sales in your area of the country. We NEVER have sales like that here. Almost all estate sales are run by companies that individually price each and every item. One company in particular will tell us how many dumpsters of "junk" they hauled away before the sale. I have a pretty good idea that "junk" they hauled away was my "treasure"!!! :o)
You are one lucky lady to go to these amazing sales. The Halloween alone would make me consider the drive out West! Hopefully we will see Halloween in your Etsy shop soon!


Love love love those corsages and can't wait to see the pictures from the super sale. Which one was it??


I just love the Halloween cutouts - if you ever want to get rid of any, I'm only across the river! What a great haul!


Such great honeycomb finds!! Looks like all the hours you spent this weekend pain off. Good to see you. How long were you at the one that will take two posts?


I'm drooling over that honeycomb garland.If this isn't the super sale, then I'm not sure my heart can take any more awesomeness.You must be junk drunk.


You want to hear something pathetic? I switched my Craigslist over to Portland OR the other day just to see all the sales in your area. I find a bit of goodness, but nothing like all the vintage holiday you seem to find. I love that honeycomb garland - I would have to leave that out all year long. That little boy at the bottom is just divine.

janet johnson

The honeycomb garland looks to be in great condition. What a find -- so festive!

Into Vintage

"...stuffed in a bag with some modern stuff." I continue to be schooled by the Master of Estate sales and possibly one day I too will be able to call myself a Master ... Much. To. Learn.

Another excellent haul! Looking forward to the skeleton-themed Halloween display.


Love all the Halloween! Again, you are so lucky to have amazing estate sales! Wish oh wish we had those here in our area of NC!! Have a blessed week!


Holy moly what a haul. I can't wait to see what kind of a sale deserves two posts, if this only got one post! Amazing Halloween stuff - love everything you got.

Andrea Johnson

Hi -- Will you be selling the two Halloween cats (in the fourth picture down, just above the skeletons) that look like they're play fighting or boxing? If so, how much would you ask? If not selling, would you scan one or both so I could have someone draw up something similar for me?


I wont be selling those as I have never seem them before. Would be happy to do a scan and send it off. I am at the beach now and gone for the week so will be a few days. Happy day Laurie

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Melissa's Antiques

I think you've found more Halloween here than I've ever found! I'm drooling over all of it.


Wow! I can't believe you found so much stuff and there is a bigger haul to share! I love the witch game spinner! That is so cute and the little doll at the end makes my heart go pitter pat!


Great finds, love the Halloween.

Aj 318

Awesome! Thanks so much, Laurie! Enjoy your time at the beach. I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and miss it :-)

(Andrea Johnson aka aj 318)


Where should I begin? So much awesomeness in this post! I fell in love with that cowboy stocking when I saw it on IG. And that honeycomb garland? DYING!! I rarely find vintage Halloween at sales so to see that much in one weekend would keep me smiling forever. Oh and those honeycomb birds? Pretty dang sweet, too!

Have an awesome awesome day!



I see from your multiple comments you must be playing catch up after Las Vegas. Fun sales for
me lately and lots of great scores. So nice at the beach with the cooler temps. Extremely tired if hot. Home tomorrow... Happy day Laurie

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