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August 20, 2014



Love the salt water taffy boxes! I have a small collection of Christmas candy boxes, and I bet you do, too. When did packaging go from the charming graphics that we love to the blah designs we see on the shelves today? Hmmmph.


I love your summer display. We need another holiday between the 4th and Halloween (besides Labor Day).I usually do a back to school theme on my mantel, but the kids started back over two weeks ago. With the temperatures scorching lately, it just seemed...wrong. I'm sure inspiration will hit me just as soon as the temps dip below 85.

shirley hatfield

Wow! Nothin' else...just wow!

Into Vintage

You'd think I'd be used to all your charming finds by now but no -- I am still constantly surprised and delighted with the whimsy in your world. Everything I see here looks like a perfect practice run in preparation for when that beach house dream comes true. xo


Love all the "beachieness"!


Did you hear a big SQUEAL down this way? Oh my Gosh! Your beachy themed decorating is over the top!
Love it all! There is too big of a void between July 4th and Halloween! My brain is all wishy-washy now since I have stuff all over the house from cleaning things and rooms out. Looking at your cute beach displays just made my evening :-) I adore your shell boat display and of course your little guy with the vintage sunglasses LOL. Love, love, love it all Laurie!
Thanks for sharing :-)


Oh there is that funny little boy head Eddie Haskell again--I don't know if you ever named him but to me its Eddie!! I love your beach theme goodies!

Kim K.

Someday, you'll have the best decorated beach house EVER! Love your collections of sand-buckets. They are getting harder and harder to find (or afford). That octopus game is pretty cool too!


So many wonderful items - they look so awesome collected together in your displays. I think my favorites are the seals and buckets! Hope you get that beach house someday. You certainly have all the decor for it!


Brian and I both plan on having a someday house in Arizona. Complete and total opposite of your dream, huh?

Can you imagine if seaweed was really pink? I would definitely visit the beach more often!


Sheryl Remy

It's all just perfect.


Wow! I live 100 miles from the Gulf Coast and I don't have nearly as much beach stuff as you. Good luck with buying your beach house one day... You won't have to hire a decorator!!!

Poppy K

Your $.50 fishbowl find brings back memories - I used to have the same fishbowl that my yearly goldfish win from the local Children's Fair would reside in. Sadly most dies pretty quickly (being beaned with ping pong balls was probably the cause) but I did have a couple that lasted years and years.


Love all your beachy decor! Do you put out your vintage swim caps? They would be cute also.


oh my goodness.... what a wonderful collection of beachy love! I love that seashell bird.. I have to try to make one now.. Im so glad youre out there in this world collecting all these wonderful things!
thanks for sharing.


I love all your posts, Laurie. And want all your stuff, as well. My little spunhead mermaids have spent the summer on display (as well as the spunhead cowboy and cowgirl that I love) but now I'm ready to get out all those Halloween spunheads. And maybe add to my stash .....

janet johnson

I hope you have one of those ocean soundtracks playing in the background. So relaxing.
Love the pink fish and that shell bird with the huge feet is a riot. Nobody gonna knock him down!
It's all very charming.

mitzi curi

What a happy little vignette of vintage seaside treasures! I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for summer to end.....

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