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August 27, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

I'm glad I refreshed my blog reader one more time before I headed out the door to work. I'm also glad I was sitting down for this post. Goodness. I would have been giddy with estate sale happiness for days after this sale. Unbelievable. The motherload of ALL sales. Good for you and Amy!

Sheryl Remy

This seems like a once in a lifetime treat. I just love all the vintage treasures you found. I collect those cookie cutters and it was great to see some original packaging. Those ornaments were really old. It is amazing something so fragile has survived so long. Best wishes.

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Amazing finds. We never have any estate sales like that around here. I just found a bunch of that German tinsel in Bouckville and unearthed the same Kewpie doll package in a pile in my basement. Glad you and Amy were able to play nice -- not that there was ever a doubt!

Melissa's Antiques

SO. MANY. CUTE. THINGS! I want it all! You know I love the Christmas - especially that frog ornament. Will he be for sale. It's always a good day when you find Halloween and Easter! Those spun head Halloween picks! That pink Easter bunny has a creepy face. Have you ever noticed how creepy some old vintage holiday stuff is? (AND it was meant for kids!) Those wedding playing cards would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding (*wink wink*) - would you be willing to part with those? The risque hula girl tie made me laugh! Also really loving the military stationary. Reminds me when I was really little and my dad was away on a ship for 6 months at a time. Mom wrote him and recorded things on cassette tapes all the time. All in all - I am wishing for an estate sale like this!!


Wow, what a fun 3 hours that must have been!! That little duck pulling the cart is adorable. This will be a hard one to top!


Wow, wow, wow! I've been admiring a bunch of these items on instagram, but I had no idea they all came from one sale! I can only imagine the happy energy that Amy and you radiated as you shopped through this sale. I really love those honeycomb hats, so sweet. Awesome stuff, its hard to believe it was all in one house!
Happy Wednesday!


I went to a sale like that a couple of summers ago and have been itching for another one. Unfortunately, they don't come along very often. 3 hours of shopping sounds like absolute bliss to me. Those hats are at the top of my list of favorites along with those animal rimmed favor cups. I found a few of those in that box of party stuff that I got at Alameda. They are so cute!

Have a wonderful day~



Yowza! What a treasure trove that house was. Right up your alley too!


Wow, Wow, wow,!! You hit the mother load!


What a fun sale. Those chicklet boxes made me smile. I could go on and on but you know what a fab sale it was. It is always a thrill to open your blog to see what wonders you have unearthed. Thanks for sharing!!


SCREAM!!I have dreams like that but then I always wake up and it's gone! What a pal you have too that you can hit a sale like that and not battle. I have a friend like that too :-)Just love it all!
How did you manage to drive home?
Thanks for sharing it all and making my morning:-)


Oh Lord, I believe I might have fainted and not been able to shop!! I have not been this lucky yet, ever!! That was a step back in time, I know you had a ball!


I can only imagine the heaven you were in that three hours. Looking at those super finds, one after another, I can almost feel the thrill of seeing each one for that first instant and grabbing it for your basket. That stationary, the hats, the tie , the nut cups, the duck wagon, it just goes on and on. Pure joy!

Poppy K

So, as a non-estate sale person (if I'm up that early it's to go for a run) when you find THAT MUCH STUFF how do you keep it all together? I can't imagine that you carry it all around with you while you shop - you'd need a Santa-sized sack. Do you just start a pile somewhere and mark it as yours? If that's how you do it, how do you keep people from scrounging through your stuff? I've heard that estate sales can be kind of cut-throat - I bet you have some crazy stories (which would make a great post).


Oh my goodness!! So much treasure! I'm in love with it all. Just think of the fabulous flamingos you could make with the hot pink bump chenille.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Ho-ly cow! I would have feinted if I saw all that in one place! I'm so excited for you and Amy!


Oh that little fairy girl! I remember playing with one just like it at my grandmothers - so very Tinkerbell!


What an amazing HAUL!! I can't even imagine a sale like this.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

What an amazing sale. I can only imagine the giggles that came out of you two as you skipped away with your newly found treasures. Love those huge kewpie dolls.


Ohhhhhh.....sigh.....a wonderful haul indeed...! ~And those tiny Chiclet boxes are good for lots of things ;)


i can't even wrap my head around this sale! i don't know what I like best! those giant kewpies! the animal nut cups! all the spun heads! it is like a dream!


WOW...WOW...WOW!!!!!!!!!3 hours at one sale and you certainly SCORED! Happy for YOU!!! One of these days I'll be at a sale for 3 hours! LOL!


Who saves Chiclets boxes, you ask??? Ummm apparently "our kind" of gal! Seriously, as your post went on and on, the more I realized how much I would have loved to know this lady who kept all these things! Isn't it funny that she basically had a house full of a bit of everything that we love? Our kind of gal for sure! I'm glad you were able to rescue so much of it.
Erica :)


I have been to three sales like that - glasses I will always remember for what I found, who I met and the fun I had digging for HOURS. This looks like one amazing sale!

So, I tried to work my Google magic on those glasses. I did notice that the dates on the glasses are correct - meaning when one months ends on a Saturday, the next month started on a Sunday. Starting with May 1st, since that was the first glass you had - they date from either 1943, 1948 or 1954 as best I can tell. I bet they were from a gas station. But I can't confirm that. I do enjoy investigating mystery items. Thanks for giving me a project! :)

*Also, I love it that they are kewTie dolls not to be confused with kewPie dolls. :D

Into Vintage

Gee -- you did get a lot! Glad we trusted our instincts on this one and the mysterious contents of the attic. It did not disappoint. Now on to the next one! (I hope).


Laura, you sure can find the neatest things. I never find such neat things and when I do, they are not in very good condition. Love reading your posts!!!!

Sherry - quiller

Stacey Johnson

What an unbelievable amount of amazing stuff! My favorites are the Girl Scout poster and the candy cane box! LOVE the graphics! What is it about vintage graphics?

Stacey at the Gluten Free Pastor's Wife


Methinks you are going to need a separate storage facility soon for all these incredible hauls... amazing finds - makes me wish I lived in a place where estate sales are more prevalent!

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