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August 25, 2014


Musings from Kim K.

This post is the perfect way to start my hectic Monday at work. Those pipe cleaner figurines scream 1920 glam. What fun this sale must have been! The view at your restaurant is pure bliss.

Melissa's Antiques

Wow! A type of sale that only comes along every once in awhile!

Mary Steinbrink

Wow! What a great sale! Can't wait to see what else you find. I wish we had those kinds of sale in Nebraska.


A Hoover thimble? If the house stuff was like this, the attic finds will be awesome! Bet you are chomping at the bit for this coming weekend's trip.

Into Vintage

SO happy/relieved you found so much there. To say I was a bit nervous about referring the Grand Poobah of Estate Sales to an estate sale (and an hour away no less) is an understatement. The scenery is beautiful out there but I bet the skies were a little more blue with all that loot in your car. :)


Wowie wow! Gotta love crafter's stashes. Let us know when you build that giant slide that is obviously meant for adults. Can you imagine waxing that bad boy? It would shoot a kid across the yard.


Great haul!


If that was day 2, I can't even begin to imagine what day 1 was like! Wow!


Wow, is right! And that view was worth it too! Good for you.


Isnt that view amazing? Such a fun sale and one more post on it! Happy day Laurie

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wow! what a sale! it seems like it was kind of made for you! i can't wait to see what was in the attic!


The attic was great!!! Post coming wed. Happy day Laurie

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Wow. Great sale. I've hit one of those in my life and I think about it all the time. Family run, cheap prices, and packed to the gills with vintage. I actually had to put stuff back because I ran out of money. So sad LOL


Yikes! What was there the first day?!?! What an amazing sale and totally worth the drive. Heck, I would have driven there too!

Vintage circus themed items really seem to be in right now. Perfect timing on that quilt!



Had to check your comments to see if I posted one on here LOL!! I started one but I must have closed out the page and forgot to post it! Super crazy here right now. I was mesmerized by what you found and I can't believe this is just Part One! I remember being speechless and trying to figure out what to say except that I'm glad you hit the mother lode! I'm just enamored with those chenille pipe cleaner people and those bunnies....too cute! What is that piece with the cute little kittens that looks embroidered? Love that!
Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see what's Part Two :-)


Holy moly, what a treasure haul!! I adore the bunnies and is that a piece of barkcloth with the mountain scene on it? I have never seen a collar kit like that and those magazines will be such a hoot to look through. Two-handed high five on this one! Can't wait to see what is in the attic.

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