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August 16, 2014



you crack me up. you have mop handle obsession? why am I not surprised!? YOu rock Laurie.. thats all I have to say today!
happy sunday


We hit a few yard sales and a couple estate sales yesterday but you definitely had a better haul up there! Those stockings are darling along with those snowmen. Great score with those cardboard houses. Ha!That frog hatchery is a crack up! It would have been a hit at our house too. I'm going to have to look at your post on your mop handle obsession :-p Like this rainbow colored one....I'm sure you have something awesome planned for it!
Have my fingers crossed for you to find more goodies today :-)


You are rockin' junkland this weekend!! You know I love the deer and the Kewpie on it's tummy is adorable.


The vintage Christmas is eluding me down here. Thank God! I just can't bring home anymore. But I will if I find it. It's an addiction I just can't fight :-)

I think I have one of those snowman stockings. They are too sweet. And those containers you found? I have a few and I believe they were sold with beans in them at the grocery store.

Good luck today!


Eddie Mitchell

Looks like you had enough fin for three people, which is goods since I spent the day workingthe booth. No sales for me. I think you ought to wear the hat with the purple flowers!


Can't wait to see you in the hats! If we went to the same sales I would always give you first dibs on the mop handles. Even the rainbow ones.


Love the snowmen - the snowman graphics from that era are just darling!

Musings from Kim k.

How wonderful!!! I still dream of finding an entire village of putz houses. I have those same felt stockings. That fabric is so sweet!!!


More great finds! You are so lucky to have so many estate sales over there. Love the deer (of course!)


I love reading the comments of others as everyone has something different they key in on. For me this time it is the frog kit, very cute, the little dear by the house, precious, and the plastic egg cups, love the colors!!


My aunt had a collection of Kewpie type figurines. Another relative inherited the collection. Love the standing one you found this week. Only thing I found this week of mention was an old Arizona license plate.


I haven't found a single Putz house in many years. To find an entire village would be the best.

The glass jars held cottage cheese - they would have had a plastic lid on the top. Made by Glasbak.

Beth smith

The glass jars were for whipped homey. I have a few dozen. Fun finds!

Beth smith

Oops! Honey not homey. :)


I am going on record here. Based on my one day of yard sailing in Portland, it definitely IS one of the best places for junk! Better than Maine - which is the best in New England. I loved the endless amounts of Friday/Saturday yard sales, too. Usually only estate sales start on Friday here.

Sheryl Remy

The frog hatchery is a fun find. I would have passed that by because I don't have your creative stylings. I never would have thought to use it as a container in the kitchen or for candy. But now as I sit here pondering, it would be a fun Halloween bowl for candy with something spooky. Great catch.

Melissa's Antiques

Those little fired-on color jars were made by glasbake and held honey. I have an orange one somewhere with the original label. Wonderful finds - especially the village of putz houses!

Poppy K

The frog hatchery bowl/microscope combo would look great at Halloween with some of those eyeball candies inside!


Eight in one weekend? We are lucky to have one in eight weeks here and they aren't even very good at that!!!! Looks like awesome finds as always! Enjoy your new treasures!


You have some Walker's honey containers. Google "Walker's Honey Whip Spread" - they had plastic lids.

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